Carolyn Hamlett

Interview with Carolyn Hamlett, a former “Illumined One”

Carolyn comes from a bloodline of generational illuminists. As a result, she was born right into the Luciferian agenda for the last days. Only by the grace and repeated direct intervention of Jesus Christ has she been able to arrive at this point in her life. She speaks not because she wants attention, but because she feels a responsibility and call to do so. She is joining us to begin a series of programs during which we are going to be discussing her testimony. She will undoubtedly share many things that will shock you, stretch you, and frankly blow your mind. However, in the end, it is our goal that the true accounts that she will relay will empower you with both knowledge and faith.

Illuminati Pedophilia – A Victim’s Memoir

What I remember most about this possible underground facility is seeing children in cages…kept like animals. Most of them were about my age…

One more child was brought in to show me “how normal” it was for children to do sexual things with grown men.


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