Dungeon Vatican Rituals at Satan’s Altar – Joanna
By Greg Szymanski

Joanna spent time as child in the dungeons of the Vatican, attending rituals of torture at the altar of the devil.

Joanna of Florida comes forward, saying she was a “blood liner”, born into the French House of the Illuminati, her exact placement in the worldwide cult being in the spiritual sector.

“I was born into a multigenerational family that one side was Masonic and on the other Illuminati. My family were members of the DAR, referred to as bluebloods,” said Joanna in an extended conversation from her Florida home, having finally rid herself of the Illuminati influence.

“Most of my childhood was spent in training and grooming, and I attended rituals at the Vatican, in a sub basement, where I was used as an ‘oracle’. The militia I was involved with was connected to a Masonic group and my childhood was almost all training for the Illuminati and intense military type training for the militia. Extreme torture was used to form what is known as alters, with amnesia barriers that kept me from knowing that I was a slave for these cults…”

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