American Democracy No Longer Works – Thom Hartmann

Washington politicians don’t give a damn about you or me. They only answer to billionaires and giant corporations. Thanks to 40 years of Supreme Court decisions, American politics is no longer about the “will of We The People” — it’s only about the money. As a result, we longer have a functioning democracy in America.

Years of corporate-friendly Supreme Court decisions, like the decision in Citizens United, have rigged and corrupted American politics so badly that average hard-working Americans have little to no influence in Washington.

Instead, our “elected officials” are only answering to the wishes of the wealthy elite and private interest groups…

Money has taken over our political process. For the first time in American history, a majority of lawmakers in the House of Representatives are millionaires, and a startling number – at both the federal and state level – are being bankrolled by billionaires like the Koch brothers. This isn’t what the founders had in mind when they founded our once-great nation.
~ Thom Hartmann

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