The first time I heard of Illuminati and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) was at a group meeting of people who were dedicated to healing themselves and each other from the effects of their dysfunctional families. It seemed to be helpful to simply be able to tell our stories in a non-judgmental environment. And so we did.

One exquisitely beautiful woman in our group had a story that went far beyond the usual abuse and neglect. She said she had been raised in “The Cult”. I had no reference point to understand… She continued to say that as a child, she had been forced to kill her baby brother.

I no longer remember her name, so I will call her “Rose”.

Rose had fled to our Pacific Northwest town, all the way across the American continent, to escape the unwelcome attention of her father, who wanted her to return to the East Coast to be queen of “The Cult”. The members of “The Cult” had chosen her from birth to be their queen, and had also chosen her king. The king had also escaped to our town and he was a very protective single dad of a darling little girl. He too wanted nothing to do with “The Cult”. A young German woman visited Rose and our group. She too was a runaway – from the European branch of “The Cult”.

Rose’s father often came to town and took her away for days at a stretch. During his visits, she would “lose time”. In  the world of mind control, to “lose time” means to have a blank space in your memory. Rose would have no memory of where she had been or what she had done while her father was in town. The implication was that there was a sexual component of his interest in her. She dreaded his calls and his visits.

During their phone conversations, Rose’s father would use trigger words to flip a switch in her mind; in essence he would hypnotize her so that she would do whatever he wanted her to do.

To prevent herself from answering the phone and to protect herself from his unwanted visits, Rose developed a system that required a little help from her friends. Each day she asked someone to program a lock with a numeric code, which was to be kept secret from her until the next morning. At night she would disassemble the phone (this was 25 years ago, before cellphones) in some way and put some of the parts into the box and lock them away. All night, she could sleep undisturbed by incoming calls. In the morning she would reassemble the phone and the friend would call with the secret code Rose needed, to unlock the box. Each day it was a different friend and a different secret number.

At one point, Rose said, “My father is a very powerful man,” I returned, “Your father is a bully; he hurts children.”

“My father is on the cover of news magazines several times a year,” she said. It took me years to figure out who that might be. No US president is on the cover of news magazines several times a year after his time in the Oval Office. But there are those who oil the big wheels of giant industries and governments all over the world…

In my work and even in my private life, I have met many survivors of “The Cult” and its offshoots. I have heard many stories. If you know a child who has disappeared, someone who is fearful, aggressive, depressed… you may know someone who has been affected by this very sick system of things. Rose’s was just one story. There are more to come…

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