The World’s Secret Elite – The big money boys who rule the world from behind the scenes

The most famous and powerful men throughout history have been “conspiracy theorists”. Or perhaps you could say that some people in high places have said things that we didn’t take seriously at the time, but when you put them all together in one place, it is obvious that they were more than casually aware of a huge conspiracy happening behind the scenes. Many of them were themselves members of secret societies – “in on the joke”, so to speak, being played against the common people. Not that wars and economic depressions are “funny”, but we certainly have been thoroughly tricked – played for fools – and they think it is funny when we fall for their tricks. Who are the “big boys”? And what do they say about the game they are playing that we are unaware of?

This is not really a video; it is a slide show. Click on the photos to move through them… and don’t forget to read the quotes – they will astonish you. Quote after quote revealing that “conspiracy” does not automatically equate to “theory”; there are also conspiracy facts.

The World’s Secret Elite – The big money boy’s who  rule the world from behind the scenes..

One thought on “The World’s Secret Elite – The big money boys who rule the world from behind the scenes”

  1. everyone is at risk, global elite (tied in with many governments) want to kill off majority of the population. you prob think i’m crazy. search Georgia guide stones, REX 84, FEMA camps, FEMA coffins, Denver international airport conspiracy, Freemasonry, Illuminati, HAARP, Building 7, Builderbergers, New World Order, Fusion Centers, Elites underground bunkers and much more, along with patents 6506148 and 20060007222. connect the dots yourself.

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