Circumcision Fetishist Jailed for Pedophilia

It is impossible to separate circumcision from pedophilia. Circumcision is a socially sanctioned form of child sexual abuse. Cutting off the foreskin is a fetish and a VERY emotional issue for some adults who manage to keep the practice alive by stridently advocating for their right to cut healthy genital tissue off other people, especially boys – and some girls. All the while, 100% of the millions of babies routinely circumcised by MDs in the USA scream, “NO!” – and their screams go unheeded because the obsessed don’t want to hear. So they continue to fondle and cut amid the blood and screams.  Naming a club after a hill of foreskins – yes, “Gilgal” is Hebrew for “hill of foreskins” – says a lot about the club and its “members”, so to speak. Sick stuff, folks…

A CIRCUMCISION fetishist and Catholic clergyman from Upper Norwood – who targeted young boys, took them on rides into the countryside where he talked to them about circumcision, and asked them to expose themselves – has been locked up for more than two years.

Vernon Quaintance, 71, lured schoolboys for a drive in the countryside before asking them to drop their trousers under the pretence of inspecting whether or not they were circumcised.

The paedophile confessed to a string of offences against five young boys as young as 10 in the 1960s and 1970s.

The pervert, who was a member of Catholic society the Order of Malta, had also accumulated an archive of vile images.

Thousands of images were unearthed from his computer, many showing bloody and ritualistic circumcisions in the Brazilian rainforest.

Quaintance was a leader of pro-circucision group the Gilgal Society, a group claiming to promote male circumcision and ‘its benefits in terms of health, sexual satisfaction and self-image’.

But this was just a facade for the ‘distribution of images of young boys’ for erotic and paedophilic use, Southwark Crown Court heard today (Friday).

Gilgal is a Biblical site in Jericho and was also known in Hebrew as Gibeath-haaraloth – the Hill of the Foreskins….

Jailing him for two years and four months Judge Anthony Leonard QC said Quaintance used his interest in the surgical procedure to look at young boys.

“In my judgement, while I accept that you have had a lifelong interest in circumcision, the reason that you took those young boys to a secluded spot and asked to see their private parts – while it may have been inspired by your own interest – was clearly for sexual gratification,” he said. …

The judge doesn’t get it.  You can’t separate MGM from sexual gratification in the minds of those to commit it.  The very neurology of the act, carried over into the adult victimizer, is sadomasochistic. That’s why it’s so hard to eradicate.

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