How to Change the World

how to change the world

One of the best I have read…
–  Frankie Merrill

Fantastic piece of work!
– Andrea Quarin

Amazing and eye-opening book. The fact that it is written in a clear and simple way makes such a complex topic comprehensible for everyone. I loved the pictures too!
– Evelyn Accoto

This book answered all my questions which I was searching since a few years. Best part was that it all can be achieved.
– Krishna Chaitanya

This book has everything anyone needs to know to ‘wake up’ and flip the paradigm!
– Chip Fernandez

This examines all the questions I have asked about society and why things are the way they are! I look forward to reading and discussing this with others who are open to inquiry.
– JoAnn Prosser

How to Change the World is not only an in depth and yet simple explanation of how our system actually works. It is a reminder that we are here to learn and move forward as a species. That we are not here to merely compete and survive but to co-create and live in abundance.
– Steven Velez

This book takes pieces of information which have been drifting around, and puts them together in a beautiful, easy to follow way, which not only puts diverse and sometimes far-out bits of knowledge in context but also makes sense and paints the big picture. This may be the magic that would make it accessible to folk who would otherwise have difficulty relating to this kind of content in its scattered form.
– Santo Einha

Dear friends, please download this brilliant little book and get those wheels between your ears rolling… howtochangetheworld

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