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Cathy O’Brien

Cathy O’Brien

Child victim of the illuminati mind-control sex slave program, Cathy was used for decades as a “presidential model”, drug courier and international message bearer. She was required to service U.S. presidents, vice-presidents, senators, top military officials, and notables in the entertainment industry.

Survivor turned whistleblower, Cathy’s books are: TranceFormation of America and Access Denied. She has astonishing tales to tell of those who are still in public office in Washington, D.C., those who have recently left, and those who aspire to public office in the near future and some who have died. Cathy has recovered and offers tools for healing in her book, “Access Denied”.

“Mary Ann”

Interview from July 18, 2011 with “Mary Ann” (Illuminati Defector), by Henry Makow

“Mary Ann” says that 80-90% of the U.S. House of Representatives and 100% of the Senate are members of the Illuminati, as well as the Supreme Court judges and the Executive Branch. You just don’t get into positions of importance without those connections.