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Book: Kerth Barker – Worldwide Satanic ritual for JFK’s death

Excerpt from Kerth Barker’s “Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High-Adept Satanism:

Mass Media Mind Control & the Psychic Matrix

When I was nine years old, I was taken to an event while I was in the mode of being Kathy. This was at the home of a wealthy Luciferian woman, I think that it may have been Bob’s mother. There were dozens of Luciferians there. Everyone was wearing masks except for me and two other children. I was wearing a black girl’s dress and slippers. The other children were dressed in black, and so was everyone else. I remember that we were all dressed in black, as if we were attending a funeral.

We gathered in the living room of this mansion. We sat in chairs in a big circle. I may have been slightly drugged at that time because I felt tired. The other children acted sedated as well. But I was awake and so were they.

We had been told we were going to witness an event of great power and importance. At one end of the room was a picture of then President Kennedy. Surrounding his picture was a funeral wreath. All this took place in late October or early November in 1963.

Throughout the duration of this event, the song Old Black Magic was played over and over again.

It’s that song that starts with these lyrics, “That Old Black Magic has me in its spell, that Old Black Magic that you weave so well.”
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MK Ultra Survivors’ Presidential Commission testimony

Satanic ritual abuse training (see Secret Societies > Survivors > Svali and see Kerth Barker’s book Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers – Memoirs of a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor) and MK Ultra appear to be very similar in content and tone…

So Louis West, who wanted to start this centre at UCLA, is on the board of FMSF and so is Martin Orne, a Harvard psychiatrist who has done contract work for the CIA in the past. And several other people who have those kinds of connections. They want to debunk this stuff right out of the box … forget it. This is the kind of stuff they want to debunk:

Claudia Mullen, client of Valerie Wolf, reports to the Presidential Commission: “Between the years of 1957 and 1984 I became a pawn in a government scheme whose ultimate goal was mind control and to create the perfect spy. All through the use of chemicals, radiation, electroshock, hypnosis, drugs, isolation in tubs of water, sleep deprivation, brainwashing, and verbal, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. I was exploited unwittingly for nearly three decades of my life, and the only explanation given to me was that ‘the end justifies the means’ and I was serving my country in their bold effort to fight communism. I can only summarize my circumstances by saying they took an already abused 7-year-old child and compounded my suffering beyond belief. In 1958 I was to be tested, they told me, by some important doctors coming from a place called The Society [… that’s the Human Ecology Society, a known CIA front]. I was told to cooperate, answer any of their questions, then since the tests might hurt, I would be given shots, x-rays, and jolts of electricity. I was also instructed not to look in anyone’s face too hard and to ignore names, as this was a very secret project … but to be brave and all those things would help me forget. Naturally as most children do, I did the opposite, and remembered as much as I could. A Dr. John Gittinger [Rapaport: these people in the testimony named names, they did not screw around …] tested me and Dr. Cameron gave me the shocks, and Dr. Green, the xrays. Then I was told by Sid Gottlieb I was right for the Big A … meaning Artichoke.”

“By the time I left to go home, just like every time from then on, I would recall nothing of my tests or the different doctors. I would only remember whatever explanations Dr. Robert Heath of Tulane Medical School gave me for the odd bruises, needle marks, burns on my head and fingers, and even the genital soreness. I had no reason to believe otherwise. Already they had begun to control my mind. The next year I was sent to a place in Maryland called Deep Creek Cabins to learn how to sexually please men. I was taught how to coerce them into talking about themselves. It was Richard Helms, Deputy Director of the CIA, Dr. Gottlieb, Capt. George White and Morse Allen who all planned on filming as many high government and agency officials, and heads of academic institutions and foundations as possible. So later, when the funding for radiation and mind control started to dwindle, then the project would continue at any cost [in other words, blackmail]. I was to become a regular little spy for them after that summer. Eventually trapping many unwitting men, including themselves, all with the use of a hidden camera. I was only nine years old when this kind of sexual humiliation began. I overheard conversations about a part of the agency called ORD run by Dr. Green, Dr. Stephen Aldrich, Martin Orne and Morse Allen ….”

Dr. John Gittinger was Sid Gottlieb’s protege … Gittinger tested everybody. He was like a fanatical tester, developing profiles of humans, different types of humans, all kinds of questionnaire type tests. Sid Gottlieb was the head of MKULTRA projects for the CIA … a very high ranking bureaucrat, probably never treated a patient in his life. These people (testifying) were saying that these people were doing it … they were not supervising it alone, they were doing it. Dr. Green seems to be a name that is a cover name that many different people used. However there was a Dr. L. Wilson Green, Technical Director of US Army Chemical and Radiological Laboratories at the Army Chemical Centre … so we could have both things happening there. Richard Helms became director of the CIA … a real smooth operator. He was the person who destroyed many MKULTRA files before they could be revealed. Capt. George White made a statement to the effect of “nowhere else but in the CIA could a young, red-blood ed American rape, pillage and plunder without … accountability” Continue reading MK Ultra Survivors’ Presidential Commission testimony

Kerth Barker – Two new books reveal secrets of Illuminati power

Kerth Barker has written two important new books that are selling nationally and internationally. See the table of contents and an excerpt from each book:

Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers –
Memoirs of a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor

Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High-Adept Satanism



Throughout history, records have been made, all over the world, of demons and demonic possession. Did that influence ever go away? Or is it still active and strong and influencing our world in ways that we do not understand? And have there always been some who do whatever they can to make certain the human race is possessed by demons still?

Mythology says that common folk bow and serve royalty and that those who rule, even those who rule cruelly, do so by divine right – ” the divine right of kings”. Do some still claim that “right” and is it “divine” or is it due to their dependence on demonic intervention?

Who can attribute the lowering of morals, values and standards in the U.S. and its involvement in bloody wars all over the world to mere mortal mischief? When things don’t make sense, it’s time to dig deeper.

Kerth’s books provide insight into the minds and workings of the people who run things in governments, media, religions, businesses, medicine, schools, the police and military… every aspect of life on planet Earth. Without the depth of understanding that Kerth’s books provide, things are unlikely to make sense or to change for the better. With this understanding, 99+% of the people in the world would call a halt to the horrors.

Until you understand the level of degradation that these people practice in their everyday lives and the attitudes they hold about you and me, our children and everything we hold dear, you will wear a huge question mark in your forehead. Once you understand the depravity they believe in and practice, it will all make perfect sense why they laugh at us. Human trafficking, pornography, prostitution – both of adults and children – the poisoning of the air, water animals, plants, even our bloodstreams… it all makes sense, once all the facts are in.

How do they work it out so that they are in control of the media, the military, the economy, the halls of justice, congress, the presidency, the educational system, and so on? Read this book and you will understand how very tightly controlled and controlling they are.

The Importance of Overcoming Denial

Excerpt from The Importance of Overcoming Denial | Svali Speaks.

Finally, denial may come from society. The survivor has it ground in from infancy by the cult that “No one will ever believe you, they will think you are crazy if you ever talk, and lock you up.” Our society today often looks the other way, or looks askance at the survivor. Groups such as the FMS were created to blitz the media with unfounded statements about memory retrieval, and to invalidate survivors who have the courage to speak out and say, “This is real, and it happens.” How many news stories are out there that make ritual abuse look as if it is a “modern hysteria” or attempt to denigrate therapists willing to work with and help survivors? I know that when I was in San Diego, leadership council was well aware of the power of the media, and the council had a saying, “Don’t attack your enemy, discredit him (in the media).” They found it much more effective, and reporters such as M. Sauer do an excellent job for them. I hope that he, and others that I knew in the group, will learn that they can get out.

The survivor who is able to overcome the denial of family, internal denial, and programmed denial, will still be met by blank looks, or worse, those who turn their backs on them, and say, “I don’t want to hear about this, “ or “I can’t hear about this.” Pastors will say this, social workers, CPS workers, and those whose comfort zone is crossed with the thought that ritual abuse really occurs. Those who tell the survivor, “I believe you”, at times may seem far and few between, and I applaud their willingness to look at realities which often make us feel uncomfortable. No one WANTS to think that human beings can do this to one another, or that such horrific abuse is possible.

I am here to say loud and clear that ritual abuse occurs. It is real. It is not made up. The people who disclose their abuse are not crazy, they are not liars, they are not looking for attention or sympathy. They are some of the most courageous, intelligent, and psychologically honest people that I have ever known in my life, and many are facing some of the most tremendous emotional pain possible by the grace of God, and surviving it. My one hope is that someday, soon, our society will wake up and come out of its own denial, and be willing to help take action on behalf of those that have survived, and are working desperately to escape the reach of the cult and those associated with it. May God bless each person who takes the steps to leave and to walk in the truth and freedom, and to fight against a great evil in our land (and around the world).

Often times it is much easier for the average person to look away when the subject of ritual abuse comes up. To believe that it is extremely rare. Or even to wonder if it is real, in spite of the extensive documentation that has been done that proves its existence. For more information on this subject, please go to some of the links provided on this page.

Ritual abuse is not going to go away, in spite of the desire of many to minimize its impact both on the survivor community, and their supporters. The more people become aware of this problem, the more hope that this type of abuse can be stopped, and that no more children will be wounded in the war that is being waged for their hearts and souls.

There is currently legislation that has been passed in six states outlawing ritual abuse, with other states pending. Legislators are becoming educated in the reality of this type of abuse, and are beginning to take measures to ensure that it is stopped.

There have been extensively documented cases of ritual abuse which have gone to court and been proven. Anyone who denies the reality has not read the current literature available on the subject. (See links for further info)

Resources for Ritual Abuse and Mind Control Please note that all of the sources below can be found on line. I regret that MSN will not allow the URLs to copy here (the editing tool erases them automatically). You may look up the addresses by typing in the name in any web search engine.


The first time I heard of Illuminati and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) was at a group meeting of people who were dedicated to healing themselves and each other from the effects of their dysfunctional families. It seemed to be helpful to simply be able to tell our stories in a non-judgmental environment. And so we did.

One exquisitely beautiful woman in our group had a story that went far beyond the usual abuse and neglect. She said she had been raised in “The Cult”. I had no reference point to understand… She continued to say that as a child, she had been forced to kill her baby brother.

I no longer remember her name, so I will call her “Rose”.

Rose had fled to our Pacific Northwest town, all the way across the American continent, to escape the unwelcome attention of her father, who wanted her to return to the East Coast to be queen of “The Cult”. The members of “The Cult” had chosen her from birth to be their queen, and had also chosen her king. The king had also escaped to our town and he was a very protective single dad of a darling little girl. He too wanted nothing to do with “The Cult”. A young German woman visited Rose and our group. She too was a runaway – from the European branch of “The Cult”.

Rose’s father often came to town and took her away for days at a stretch. During his visits, she would “lose time”. In  the world of mind control, to “lose time” means to have a blank space in your memory. Rose would have no memory of where she had been or what she had done while her father was in town. The implication was that there was a sexual component of his interest in her. She dreaded his calls and his visits.

During their phone conversations, Rose’s father would use trigger words to flip a switch in her mind; in essence he would hypnotize her so that she would do whatever he wanted her to do.

To prevent herself from answering the phone and to protect herself from his unwanted visits, Rose developed a system that required a little help from her friends. Each day she asked someone to program a lock with a numeric code, which was to be kept secret from her until the next morning. At night she would disassemble the phone (this was 25 years ago, before cellphones) in some way and put some of the parts into the box and lock them away. All night, she could sleep undisturbed by incoming calls. In the morning she would reassemble the phone and the friend would call with the secret code Rose needed, to unlock the box. Each day it was a different friend and a different secret number.

At one point, Rose said, “My father is a very powerful man,” I returned, “Your father is a bully; he hurts children.”

“My father is on the cover of news magazines several times a year,” she said. It took me years to figure out who that might be. No US president is on the cover of news magazines several times a year after his time in the Oval Office. But there are those who oil the big wheels of giant industries and governments all over the world…

In my work and even in my private life, I have met many survivors of “The Cult” and its offshoots. I have heard many stories. If you know a child who has disappeared, someone who is fearful, aggressive, depressed… you may know someone who has been affected by this very sick system of things. Rose’s was just one story. There are more to come…

Kerth Barker – Memoirs of an SRA Survivor by Kerth Barker


Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers – Memoirs of a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor is a stunning new book by Kerth Barker. It is guaranteed to open your eyes, to change your life – and to change the planet. See more about it at

This is a review on…

Horrible and fascinating . . . very well written. I believe it to be fact; if fiction, it is certainly convincing. It does seem to explain a lot of things I have read about or heard about; nothing surprising about human nature and how some people crave power so much, and attain it, and then act out their fantasies on other people, subordinating and enslaving them just because they have the power to do so. That is the nature of evil; having no compassion or empathy for the suffering or feelings of others; extreme self-centeredness and narcissism. Seeing others only as means to their own ends; in those peoples’ minds, you are either simply in their way or giving them what they want – not much else. Ultimately this was a tale of great suffering that led to redemption and understanding and if all true, I bow to the author for overcoming the most horrendous abuse and saving himself – i.e., saving his own soul. I salute him.

For me, lightbulbs are going on and dots are connecting. When you’ve read the book, I hope you will come back here and share your own impressions, insights, revelations, stories.

This book is a game-changer, folks. Only a tiny percentage of the population engages in pedophilia, child trafficking,and the torture of innocents – both physically and mentally. The vast majority of people are good, honest, decent, and the good people of planet Earth will no longer tolerate the mischief of their well-coiffed government and corporate “rulers” once they discover the form of worship they engage in.

Their “god” demands the drinking of children’s blood, the rape and murder of children, every form of cheat and deceit, arcane rituals in secret places and crimes against humanity. The fact that Satanists are in control of high places explains why the world does not seem to make sense any longer. Satanists feel obliged to turn everything that is good and beautiful and true into its opposite. We’ve got to take the planet back, folks.

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