Who and what are really behind the Bundy ranch takeover?

After much speculation about what is really going on with Bundy’s ranch and cattle, the bottom line appears to be graft and corruption on a national level – a land grab by the U.S. Senate Majority Leader, Harry Mason Reid and his son.

From “WesternJournalism.com:

Shocking Allegations Show Harry Reid, Chinese Company Behind Nevada Ranch Standoff
by B. Christopher Agee — April 11, 2014

The ranch, which has been in Cliven Bundy’s family for more than a century, is ground zero for a growing showdown between federal authorities and individual rights activists.

…Reid and his eldest son, reports indicate, were integral in the support and/or implementation of a $5 billion solar plant being built in the county by a Chinese company.

Officially, the federal agency has suggested they are only after Bundy because his cattle are a threat to an endangered species of tortoise. That narrative, however, fell apart in the opinion of many critics when it was revealed the agency itself has engaged in the widespread slaughter of the animal.

The recent allegations of Reid’s hand in the Bundy attack are bolstered by the fact that his former senior adviser also served as the director of the BLM. According to reports, Reid successfully redrew the endangered tortoise’s protected habitat to benefit a donor, indicating his concern is more about his political and financial future than the well-being of this reptile…

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