Who are these people?

“They” are the .01% at the top of the financial pyramid, the “elite”, “plutocrats”. They have amassed great fortunes and now they play chess with their friends and use us as the expendable pawns. “They” also include their lackeys (a person who is obsequiously willing to obey or serve another person or group of people), and groups of their lackeys in such positions as corporations, governments and organizations.

What is the bond between the “elite” and their lackeys? Yes, some people will do anything for money, so they have their paid lackeys. Others simply love power and they gravitate toward the “elite” because they are controlling the big game. And then there are those who are controlled by nefarious means: blackmail, sex, drugs, money, threats of murder – the primary person or his/her family – murder, and so on. And below the surface of the corruption and control lies their religion, which is Luciferianism or Satanism. Some make it a point to differentiate the two, though they overlap in some ways.

Having managed to funnel most of the money from around the world into their own coffers, the “elite” amuse themselves by designing and implementing plans to gain control of governments and resources around the world. Money, of course, is a tool for them to do all that. Money allows them to buy governments, educational institutions, militaries, judges, presidents, corporations, land – people, places and things.

Now – another distinction – between power and control. Most good people feel no need and have no desire to control others – and especially not to own and control the entire world. Most good people simply want to live happy, peaceful lives with their loving families and to perform meaningful work, making a contribution to the quality of life in their world. It is unthinkable to good people that there are some who will go to great lengths to gain control of the world. Good people think those kinds of things only happen in movies.

Power is neutral. It can be used for good or for ill. Power, or strength, can be used to pick up rocks and form them into a beautiful building or it can be used to pick up rocks and throw them at living things, hurting or killing them. Control, on the other hand, denotes a neurotic, addictive, obsessive, compulsive mind that needs to bend things to its will. Such a mind is fueled by fear… or worse…

No one walks the world in armature but must have terror striking at his heart. ~ A Course In Miracles, Lesson 135

And yet release from fear is readily accessible…

And if you choose to see a world without an enemy, in which you are not helpless, the means to see it will be given you. ~ A Course In Miracles Chapter 21.VII

So how do those who walk the world in armature gain control of others? They use their considerable charm, their vast financial resources, and they flex their muscles if they have to – and gain thereby, a paper thin allegiance based on fear.

The fearful demand absolute loyalty, respect and obedience but they are in turn disloyal and disrespectful to others. They routinely ruin lives without conscience. This is the very definition of sociopath and psychopath.

Most good people prefer a “win-win” outcome. The “elite” prefer that they win and that others lose everything.

The fearful are devious and resourceful. They are highly organized, operating through the topmost levels of secret societies. It’s an interesting study – but only for the stouthearted.

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