John Kerry’s private remarks taped by reporter

Why all the secrecy? Who are these issues secret from… and why? And why does anyone have to behave so obsequiously toward anyone in 2014? Why all the fear? Who appointed whom to be divine or royal? What horrid fate awaits a person who shares his honest thoughts?… Oh, I get it… It could be life or death in a variety of ways…

“Kerry Warns Israel Could Become ‘An Apartheid State’.” The report earned Sec. Kerry fierce criticism from Jewish organizations such as AIPAC, which called the remarks “offensive and inapropriate,” and the Anti-Defamation League, which called them “incendiary.”

“AIPAC has EVERY Politican BY THE BALLS. AIPAC should be RUN OUT OF OUR COUNTRY” – tweeted one of the great unwashed.

Excerpt from POLITICO article:

Secretary of State John Kerry’s private remarks to a meeting of influential world leaders last week were allegedly taped by a reporter from The Daily Beast, a charge that led to a personal apology from Trilateral Commission chairman Joseph S. Nye on Monday.

In a letter to Sec. Kerry, obtained by POLITICO, Nye expressed “my deep apology and dismay that a reporter form (sic) The Daily Beast, Josh Rogin, somehow sneaked into the meeting room in which you were speaking to the Commission this past Friday.”

Full article here: John Kerry’s private remarks allegedly taped by Daily Beast reporter

I hope Josh’s car doesn’t run into a tree – or he doesn’t fall out of a 17th floor window – or shoot himself several times in the head using a shotgun, with his non-dominant hand; these things do happen, you know.

One POLITICO reader comments, “Why is the “most transparent Administration in history” so upset that a reporter actually reported what John Kerry actually said? Speaks volumes that he had to sneak in to be able to even hear it.”

Another responds: “JFK after whom this school is named would be appalled at people like Nye today…who blames the ‘reporter’ more than the nonsense Utterer john kerry…”

Suggestion/Solution for Trilateral Commission chairman Joseph S. Nye…

Hire a few moonlighting TSA agents to pat down and shake down each and every attendee before and after each and every session.

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