Secret Societies

The first time I heard of “The Cult”, Secret Societies and Luciferianism or Satanism was at a group meeting of people who were dedicated to healing themselves and each other from the effects of their dysfunctional families. It is a “religion” that is handed down from generation to generation. So the perpetrators have been victims and the victims become perpetrators. They run the world today. This is why things are so unimaginably distorted, twisted, convoluted, degenerate in our formerly very high principled country.

The survivors are those who managed to escape the system and who did not pass it on to anyone else.

In my work and even in my private life, I have met many survivors of “The Cult” and have heard many stories. If you know a child who has disappeared, someone who is fearful, aggressive, depressed… you may know someone who has been affected by this very sick system of things.

Please read these people’s life stories. They will open your eyes and you’ll never have the same outlook on life again. It’s really not appropriate for the perpetrators of these groups to be running the world, for they are ruining it.

Secret societies:
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