A President’s press conference for the ages – Jon Rappoport

Something a president can do…

Standing at the lectern, with no notes, and with the teleprompter turned off, the President began:

“I’m surrounded by enemies, and that means you’re surrounded by them, too. These enemies are in my government.”

Immediately, the television feed was cut. Screens all over the world went black.

Thirty seconds passed.

The picture, quite grainy, and against a background of flickering shapes, came back. Viewers heard shouting in the press room. The President’s image wobbled.

He said:

“The Presidency is staged soap opera.”

Again, the feed was cut. This time, television screens displayed gray and white snow.

A few seconds later, there were rumbling sounds, later identified as chairs and tables being overturned.

Then, as subsequently reported by the New York Times, “Audio of the President was restored by means not known to the broadcast networks. Apparently, a ‘rogue faction’ of criminals hacked into NBC, ABC, and CBS network systems and brought the audio back on line.”

The President was then clearly heard to say:

“The pharmaceutical industry, with its drugs, kills at least a hundred thousand Americans a year.”

There was a loud rattling noise and an explosion (?), but the audio broadcast held. The President continued:

“Genetically modified food crops don’t work. The weeds grow bigger and stronger, the herbicide is highly toxic, and the GMO food is missing vital nutrients.”

Gunshots were heard.

A few moments later, the television picture was restored. The President, his face sweating, was standing at the podium.

A thick blue substance moved diagonally through the picture, threatening to obliterate it. But suddenly the substance broke up into slender filaments. As if swept by a broom, the filaments fled to the bottom of the picture and vanished. The Times later referred to “a war between two sets of opposing hackers.”

Now there was both and sound and picture.

The President said: “There are people in the federal government and above the federal government who are trying to set race against race. Divide and conquer. They want to bring America to its knees. That would be one step closer to global government, and America would be finished.

“The NSA is spying on everyone domestically. The ultimate goal of the Surveillance State is control of the entire population.”

A voice shouted, “You’re crazy! The President is mentally ill! Don’t listen to him!”

Now, the President’s image froze…

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