What did we lose when the bible was edited?

Scientist Gregg Braden says Mind is the most powerful force in this universe, but our thoughts are incomplete until we connect them with the breath and our hearts. This information was lost from the bible when the Council of Nicea chose which writings to include and which to exclude. The Dead Sea Scrolls, Nag Hammadi, plus studying ancient traditions and their practitioners, have helped put it all back together again. It only takes a small percentage of us to establish peace in the world: 8000 in six billion.

The Luciferians never lost that information – see this video about how they unite and focus on what they want to see in their lives – in this case, the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

We can use this information to counter the evil that was set in motion long ago. We can agree that what we really want is peace, prosperity, kindness, goodwill… and then sit with those feelings. Shift happens. Bring this to any and all groups you belong to, or do it in the privacy of your own life. And watch the world around you change for the better.

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