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Book: Kerth Barker – Worldwide Satanic ritual for JFK’s death

Excerpt from Kerth Barker’s “Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High-Adept Satanism:

Mass Media Mind Control & the Psychic Matrix

When I was nine years old, I was taken to an event while I was in the mode of being Kathy. This was at the home of a wealthy Luciferian woman, I think that it may have been Bob’s mother. There were dozens of Luciferians there. Everyone was wearing masks except for me and two other children. I was wearing a black girl’s dress and slippers. The other children were dressed in black, and so was everyone else. I remember that we were all dressed in black, as if we were attending a funeral.

We gathered in the living room of this mansion. We sat in chairs in a big circle. I may have been slightly drugged at that time because I felt tired. The other children acted sedated as well. But I was awake and so were they.

We had been told we were going to witness an event of great power and importance. At one end of the room was a picture of then President Kennedy. Surrounding his picture was a funeral wreath. All this took place in late October or early November in 1963.

Throughout the duration of this event, the song Old Black Magic was played over and over again.

It’s that song that starts with these lyrics, “That Old Black Magic has me in its spell, that Old Black Magic that you weave so well.”
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ILLUMINATI: The Cult That Hijacked The World by Henry Makow

DIALOGUE: How to Confront a Narcissistic Super Power?

FreeMasonry is Judaism for Gentiles and we talk about Zionism and Multiculturalism and how they relate together.

Henry Makow wrote the book, ILLUMINATI: The Cult That Hijacked The World and says that “The Worst Anti-Semites are Zionists” and that “Israel is a hoax, Zionism is a hoax being perpetrated upon the Jewish people.”

You could say that Israel is the International Banking Cartel’s private army, private secret service, and private nuclear arsenal and the Zionists throughout the world are their foot soldiers. The real purpose of Zionism is to advance the agenda of this International Banking Cartel which is world tyranny.

Zionist Jews are being compromised and used as agents by this secret agenda that they don’t understand. We have to think in terms of the structure of a secret society and Judiasm is a secret society where the foot soldiers or the rank-and-file are not told the overall agenda but are only given idealistic platitudes in order to manipulate them into advancing this agenda but they don’t know what the agenda is and many of them if they did know what the agenda was would object to it.

The power of these Kabbalist Jews are magnified many times because they’ve taken over most Gentile institutions, nations, religions, etc. through Freemasonry so they have coopted the whole non-Jewish world as well.

The Kabbalist Bankers use Jews as human shields and even sponsor the conflation of their agenda with all Jews in order to protect themselves and change the subject from one of economic tyranny to one of race hate. They even promote anti-semitic propaganda.

ILLUMINATI: The Cult That Hijacked The World by Henry Makow – YouTube.

Kerth Barker – Two new books reveal secrets of Illuminati power

Kerth Barker has written two important new books that are selling nationally and internationally. See the table of contents and an excerpt from each book:

Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers –
Memoirs of a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor

Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High-Adept Satanism



Throughout history, records have been made, all over the world, of demons and demonic possession. Did that influence ever go away? Or is it still active and strong and influencing our world in ways that we do not understand? And have there always been some who do whatever they can to make certain the human race is possessed by demons still?

Mythology says that common folk bow and serve royalty and that those who rule, even those who rule cruelly, do so by divine right – ” the divine right of kings”. Do some still claim that “right” and is it “divine” or is it due to their dependence on demonic intervention?

Who can attribute the lowering of morals, values and standards in the U.S. and its involvement in bloody wars all over the world to mere mortal mischief? When things don’t make sense, it’s time to dig deeper.

Kerth’s books provide insight into the minds and workings of the people who run things in governments, media, religions, businesses, medicine, schools, the police and military… every aspect of life on planet Earth. Without the depth of understanding that Kerth’s books provide, things are unlikely to make sense or to change for the better. With this understanding, 99+% of the people in the world would call a halt to the horrors.

Until you understand the level of degradation that these people practice in their everyday lives and the attitudes they hold about you and me, our children and everything we hold dear, you will wear a huge question mark in your forehead. Once you understand the depravity they believe in and practice, it will all make perfect sense why they laugh at us. Human trafficking, pornography, prostitution – both of adults and children – the poisoning of the air, water animals, plants, even our bloodstreams… it all makes sense, once all the facts are in.

How do they work it out so that they are in control of the media, the military, the economy, the halls of justice, congress, the presidency, the educational system, and so on? Read this book and you will understand how very tightly controlled and controlling they are.


By Dr. John Coleman

In my career as a professional intelligence-officer, I had many occasions to access highly classified documents, but during service as a political science officer in-the-field, in Angola, West Africa, I had the opportunity to view a series of top-secret classified-documents which were unusually explicit. What I saw filled me with anger and resentment and launched me on a course from which I have not deviated, namely to uncover what power it is that controls and manages the British and United States governments.

I was thoroughly familiar with all of the well-known secret societies such as the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderbergers, Trilaterals, the Zionists, Freemasonry, Bolshevism- Rosicrucianism and all of the spin-offs of these secret societies. As an intelligence-officer, and even before that as a young student in the course of my studies at the British Museum in London, I had cut my eye- teeth on all of them, plus a good number of others with whom I imagined Americans were familiar. But when I came to the United States in 1969, I found that names like the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Club of Rome, the German Marshall Fund, the Cini Foundation, the Round Table, the Fabianists the Venetian Black Nobility, the Mont Pelerin Society, Hellfire Clubs, and many others were at best totally unknown here, or else their true-functions were, at best, only poorly understood, if at all…

Certainly a fair number of us are aware that the people running our government are not the people who are really in control of political and economic matters, domestic and foreign. This has led many to seek the truth in the alternative press, those newsletter writers who, like me, have sought, but not always found what it is that is making the United States terminally- ill. “Seek and ye shall find” has not always been the case with this group. What we did find was that the people walk in great darkness, mostly not caring or bothering to find out where their country is headed, firm in the belief that it will always be there for them. This is the way the largest population-group has been manipulated to react, and their attitude plays right into the hands of the secret government.

We frequently hear about “they” doing this, that or the other. “They” seem literally to be able to get away with murder. “They” increase taxes, send our sons and daughters to die in wars that do not benefit our country. “They” seem above our reach, out of sight, frustratingly nebulous when it comes to taking action against “them”. No-one seems able to clearly identify who “they” are. It is a situation that has pertained for decades. During the course of this book, we shall identify the mysterious “they” and then, after that, it is up to the people to remedy their situation…

Much more at The Story of The Committee of 300

The real story of “The Rothschild Dynasty” by Dr. John Coleman

In The Rothschild Dynasty, Dr. John Coleman, also author of The Committee of 300, tells how Mayer Amschel, the founder of the”Red Shield”dynasty acquired his first fortune. It is a far cry from the myths and legends that still surround the man who began as a rag and bone merchant and pawnbroker, working out of a small house on Judenstrasse, Frankfurt on the Main, Germany, where he lived with his wife and family.

The events attributed to history are often caused by a “hidden hand” pulling the strings of kings, princes and potentates from behind the scenes. The phenomena is explained and the legends that have grown up around the Rothschilds are demolished by this book that also reveals the Rothschild’s intriguing that brought down men like Napoleon and Tsar Alexander II of Russia. Legends has it that Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s “genius and financial skills” were inherited by his sons, but the truth is quite a different story, as Dr. Coleman makes very clear in this well documented account that goes far beyond the best known legends cloaking the true character of the family.

Exactly how Mayer Amschel Rothschild “stuck it lucky” and the steps he took that brought the family from obscurity to “virtual rulers of all Europe,” makes fascinating reading. This outstanding book is not only about the past, it is also about the present and the future. It will help to explain many of the events that perplex the ordinary people like the war in Iraq and the war threats against Iran…

Free download of this book at

Scooter’s Sex Shocker : The New Yorker

This, my dear friends, could easily describe the kind of abuse that occurs in the secret societies we speak of in other posts. See the writings and interviews of the “Survivors” under the tab “Secret Societies”. I. (Irve or Irving?) Scooter Libby, attorney and former Chief of Staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, was convicted of a felony in relation to the Valerie Plume affair.

Where his Republican predecessors can seem embarrassingly awkward—the written equivalent of trying to cop a feel while pinning on a corsage—Libby is unabashed:

At age ten the madam put the child in a cage with a bear trained to couple with young girls so the girls would be frigid and not fall in love with their patrons. They fed her through the bars and aroused the bear with a stick when it seemed to lose interest.

via Close Reading Dept.: Scooter’s Sex Shocker : The New Yorker.

Kerth Barker – Memoirs of an SRA Survivor by Kerth Barker


Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers – Memoirs of a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor is a stunning new book by Kerth Barker. It is guaranteed to open your eyes, to change your life – and to change the planet. See more about it at

This is a review on…

Horrible and fascinating . . . very well written. I believe it to be fact; if fiction, it is certainly convincing. It does seem to explain a lot of things I have read about or heard about; nothing surprising about human nature and how some people crave power so much, and attain it, and then act out their fantasies on other people, subordinating and enslaving them just because they have the power to do so. That is the nature of evil; having no compassion or empathy for the suffering or feelings of others; extreme self-centeredness and narcissism. Seeing others only as means to their own ends; in those peoples’ minds, you are either simply in their way or giving them what they want – not much else. Ultimately this was a tale of great suffering that led to redemption and understanding and if all true, I bow to the author for overcoming the most horrendous abuse and saving himself – i.e., saving his own soul. I salute him.

For me, lightbulbs are going on and dots are connecting. When you’ve read the book, I hope you will come back here and share your own impressions, insights, revelations, stories.

This book is a game-changer, folks. Only a tiny percentage of the population engages in pedophilia, child trafficking,and the torture of innocents – both physically and mentally. The vast majority of people are good, honest, decent, and the good people of planet Earth will no longer tolerate the mischief of their well-coiffed government and corporate “rulers” once they discover the form of worship they engage in.

Their “god” demands the drinking of children’s blood, the rape and murder of children, every form of cheat and deceit, arcane rituals in secret places and crimes against humanity. The fact that Satanists are in control of high places explains why the world does not seem to make sense any longer. Satanists feel obliged to turn everything that is good and beautiful and true into its opposite. We’ve got to take the planet back, folks.

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Rule from The Shadows – The Psychology Of Power

Rule From The Shadows – The Psychology Of Power – Part 1 [Video].

Books recommended by the maker of this documentary, which interested citizens can read to formulate plans for the reclamation of what has been lost…

Gustav Le Bon

“Royalty did not disappear in France on the day when Louis XVI was guillotined, but at the precise moment when his mutinous troops refused to defend him.”

Edward Bernays

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”

“Proclaiming the divinity of kings was a step of the first importance in gaining the worshipful obedience of subjects.”

Gene Sharp

The Last Word on Snake Oil

The highly controlled modern American medical system, which holds the dubious honor of being first in costs per capita, while it ranks 37th in the world in health. We owe the modern American medical system to the Rockefeller family. John D. Rockefeller, Sr’s father was William Rockefeller, bigamist, and literally, a snake oil salesman…

The image of the traveling snake oil salesman of 19th century America is by now a familiar trope. It is the image of the heartless huckster who preys upon the trust of the general public to swindle them out of their hard-earned savings. With a bottle of useless tonic and the help of a plant in the audience, the snake oil salesman made a living out of lies and deceit.

In these respects, William Levingston was your average snake oil salesman…

Read the entire transcript – at The Corbett Report.

Download and read the book Rockefeller Medicine Men: Medicine & Capitalism in America by Dr E Richard Brown, MD and graduate of Stanford Medical School.

Illuminati3: Satanic Possession: There is only one Conspiracy

makow illuminati3-cover

Henry Makow is the Jewish author of the game of Scruples. From the Introduction of his new brand new book, Illuminati3: Satanic Possession: There is only one Conspiracy

makow book ill3

What passes as spontaneous “social change” is in fact an organized process of satanic possession. This development is not an isolated or recent phenomenon. Western society is based on a rebellion against God and the natural and moral order. The so-called “Enlightenment” refers to Lucifer as the “light giver.” It was an assertion of the Illuminati’s determination to reject Reality — the Creator’s Design – and construct an artificial reality more conducive to their interests and perversions. This is what the Cabalist bankers mean by “remaking the world” or “changing the world.” There is no way to sugarcoat this. Satanist (Cabalist) Jews and Freemasons are waging a covert war against God and man and are close to achieving victory. Many Jews and Freemasons have been a subversive force throughout history – the real reason for anti Semitism. Of course, the majority of Jews (and Christians) aren’t aware of this process of satanic possession. We have all succumbed to it. Passing as “secularism” and “humanism,” Satanism is the secret religion of the West.