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Psychopaths and Power: Hand, meet Glove

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Psychopaths and Power: Hand, meet Glove – pt 1: Civilisation and the Rise of the Psychopaths | Winter Patriot Community Blog. Read much, much more at the link. Fascinating!

This second disaster, the subject of this essay, was the rise of the psychopaths. Psychopaths are people without a conscience; without compassion for others; without a sense of shame or guilt. The majority of people carry within them the concern for others that evolution has instilled in us to allow us to survive as groups. This is the evolutionary basis of the quality of compassion. Compassion is not just a matter of virtue; it is a matter of survival. Psychopaths do not have this concern for others and so are a danger to the survival of the rest of us.

Psychopaths, as a homogeneous group, would not survive one or two generations by themselves. They are motivated only by self interest and would exploit each other till they ended up killing each other. Which gives one pause for thought! They are parasites and need the rest of us to survive. In doing so they compromise the survival of the whole species.

Psychopaths represent approximately between 1% and 20% of the population in western countries depending on whose research you go by and also depending on how broad a definition of the condition you adopt. It is generally held, though, that there is a hard core of between 4-6% or so and maybe another 10 -15% of the population that is functionally psychopathic in that they will exploit their fellow human being without hesitation.

The hard core are untreatable. They see nothing wrong with who or what they are. The other 10-15% group may be persuaded to act differently in a different environment or a different society. The second group act out of a misguided strategy of survival. I’ll concentrate on the hard core 5% and the singular fact that must be borne in mind with them is that they are incapable of change for the better. They cannot reform or be reformed. And you can take that to the bank in every case! They must never be trusted.

Documented liars like those that populate the current Kiev regime can be confidently assumed to be psychopaths from their behaviour and so will never negotiate in good faith and will always renege on any deals they make. The same can be said for the governments of the US and UK who back them. Historically, they have never made a treaty that they did not subsequently break.

Before settlement, when people lived in tribes, individual psychopaths were readily recognised and marginalised or exiled, if not ‘disappeared’. In a society where everybody knows everybody else…

Snake oil salesman William Rockefeller taught his son well…

William Rockefeller (aka “Devil Bill”, aka William Levingston), was literally a traveling snake oil salesman with at least two wives, at least two children with the family maid, a convicted rapist, a trickster and a con man.

William was the daddy of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. William taught his son through fear and uncertainty that John D needed to be in absolute control of his world. It was due to John D’s insecurity that he took over all aspects of the oil industry and made U.S. anti-monopoly laws necessary. Secret alliances – none dare call it conspiracy – served him well. With a little help from his friends, John destroyed all his competition. See in this video how John D’s father fanned the fires of his ruthless behaviors and attitudes.

Watch the PBS movie here: The Rockefellers.

The following excerpt is from the PBS transcript of The Rockefellers:
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1,500 Palestinian Children Killed by Israel

How is killing of civilians and children – even infants – justified? 

Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur will not be prosecuted for their book Torat HaMelech. Shapira and Elitzur wrote in Torat HaMelech that non-Jews who are non-combatants could be killed in times of war. Even babies in their cribs could be killed, they wrote,  “if there is a good chance they will grow up to be like their evil parents,” the Jerusalem Post reported.

What would you do if it was your children?

More Than 1,500 Children Killed by Israeli Forces – International Middle East Media Center.