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3 thoughts on “Learn more”

  1. Hi,
    I was never involved in SRA physically but been watched by the cult as a so called TI (torture and experiment victim) possibly since birth. I’ve received profoundly agonizing and perverse mental abuse via Remote Neural Monitoring Influence and Control regarding myself as a twin for seven years and now suffer bizarre pain, physical damage, physical changes, and torture of my central nervous system as a victim of directed energy weapons and EMFs it seems (also nano full body network, at times I hear the nano clicking). My twin is also a victim. This heinous abuse has all but destroyed our relationship through first my remote programming and then actual directed energy assaults now when ever she speaks or interacts with me, even when I touch shared items. She receives similar torture timed to my voice, etc.

    We used to be best friends who could hardly bear to part now I can’t bear her company.

    Also, I bore her the deepest love and it’s like they’ve destroyed that profound bond that once I would have sacrificed much for my twin, now she mostly is associated with disgust for me due to the torture they have stimulated in me associated with her.

    We used love to share an apartment in better times, now I almost flee her and can’t wait to escape.

    Also, my lung is damaged permanently due to three months of level 9 painful and breath constricting directed energy assaults. I can barely mount stairs at times. I’m 36.

    It is also, highly evil and Satanic. Via the nanochip full body network, on Father’s day of this year I was thrown into a violent convulsion, crying out uncontrollably in a Swedish accent about my Left Hand and ancient rites, and the injuries caused me stigmata.

    I have no epileptic condition, either.

    My blood type is RH negative. Is this significant to Luciferians???

    Also, I have good reason to believe I’m a descendant of Carl Linneaus, the Swedish taxonomist on my mother’s side…

    Once was dubbed brilliant by teachers…was a promising aspiring writer.

    Then, I knowingly raised the wrong hand in a military oath during Navy DEP, and perhaps they took offense.

    (I’m born leftie, but raised my right.) After that, hell on Earth…

    But it had already started, so maybe the oath trick didn’t matter….?

    Amee Linae

  2. Hello Kathy,

    First and foremost, I am truly sorry and I cannot even imagine on what you have been through! I am happy to see you coming out and all the information you have put out for all to see. You are so brave. I will continue to pray for our country, all of our missing children, women, men, YOU, and the current war on the silent enemy.

    I passed your story to a podcast called “Tin Foil Hat” with Sam Tripoli covering all sorts of topics and would love an opportunity to share and get your story out. I know it is a dangerous world that you live in but if you can please reply to this message via email, I would be eternally grateful.

    GOD BLESS YOU and thank you for your courage and bravery,

  3. I regained most of my memories about my participation in MK-ULTRA about 30 weeks ago. I began remembering 9 years ago.
    I am very moved by your testimonies and would like to reach out as friend. My story is somewhat unique in comparison to other’s stories I have been investigating in trying to research the subjects surrounding MK-ULTRA when my husband requested me to research this subject in the early 2000’s. I am still grieving a lot for that small child I was, and though I am, I believe, far removed from the devastating consequences of remembering trauma as Katy and others have, I believe that my programming as an A was done specifically so I would be able to function in a different capacity as witness to the events I remember mostly in detail now with no memory of the pain or trauma responses to somebody who has survived MK-ULTRA with memory intact.

    I also suffer with a dissociative disorder, but my personality was left intact. I do not have separate personalities, though the one that I am can experience every shade and nuance of emotion and psychological response a single person could feel, when I can feel emotions directly. I am still learning how to feel directly and in the moment, and not vicariously through other emotional states such as depression or rage. I have been in this process since October of 1972, and I continue to heal inwardly. I have always had to walk my journey alone and deeply lonely. It would be nice to not always feel isolated in my experiences. This is partly why I am reaching out.

    I am acutely aware that I am also a targeted individual, so I leave the choice of reaching out in return to the individual(s) who seek friendship in return with me to consider their recovery needs primary above my need for community with others like us, because I am considerably older and I have known the circumstances of my demise since winter of 1974. So know that I have a responsibility to leave any who would know me more intimately the choice of how much more trauma they feel comfortable in exposing themselves to. I feel strongly that it is of imperative necessity for you younger survivors to speak out what you actively know and remember because time is running out for the public to open their hearts and repent for their laxity in connecting with the reality of life in America under the military-industrial complex we were warned about by President Eisenhower as he exited office, and when President Kennedy was attempting to address to the American people in his final days immediately before he was eliminated from office and publicly executed. I have a slightly different take on our mutual suffering than most survivors of MK-ULTRA as an older survivor of the program, and it is my hope for all of us that my life story and survival story might bring a message of hope for all the prisoners to the darkness of this world.

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