Eleanor Holmes Norton says ‘You don’t have a right to know’ what’s going on in government

How they get away with all this criminality? They keep secrets from the public – and even from presidents.

Eleanor Holmes Norton, the non-voting congressional delegate for the District of Columbia, angrily sputtered during a congressional hearing Friday that the White House should not be held up to scrutiny, saying that there was no right to know what it was doing behind closed doors


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ILLUMINATI: The Cult That Hijacked The World by Henry Makow

DIALOGUE: How to Confront a Narcissistic Super Power?

FreeMasonry is Judaism for Gentiles and we talk about Zionism and Multiculturalism and how they relate together.

Henry Makow wrote the book, ILLUMINATI: The Cult That Hijacked The World and says that “The Worst Anti-Semites are Zionists” and that “Israel is a hoax, Zionism is a hoax being perpetrated upon the Jewish people.”

You could say that Israel is the International Banking Cartel’s private army, private secret service, and private nuclear arsenal and the Zionists throughout the world are their foot soldiers. The real purpose of Zionism is to advance the agenda of this International Banking Cartel which is world tyranny.

Zionist Jews are being compromised and used as agents by this secret agenda that they don’t understand. We have to think in terms of the structure of a secret society and Judiasm is a secret society where the foot soldiers or the rank-and-file are not told the overall agenda but are only given idealistic platitudes in order to manipulate them into advancing this agenda but they don’t know what the agenda is and many of them if they did know what the agenda was would object to it.

The power of these Kabbalist Jews are magnified many times because they’ve taken over most Gentile institutions, nations, religions, etc. through Freemasonry so they have coopted the whole non-Jewish world as well.

The Kabbalist Bankers use Jews as human shields and even sponsor the conflation of their agenda with all Jews in order to protect themselves and change the subject from one of economic tyranny to one of race hate. They even promote anti-semitic propaganda.

ILLUMINATI: The Cult That Hijacked The World by Henry Makow – YouTube.

Paraphilic Disorders

In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), paraphilic disorders are often misunderstood as a catch-all definition for any unusual sexual behavior. In the upcoming fifth edition of the book, DSM-5, the Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Work Group sought to draw a line between atypical human behavior and behavior that causes mental distress to a person or makes the person a serious threat to the psychological and physical well-being of other individuals. While legal implications of paraphilic disorders were considered seriously in revising diagnostic criteria, the goal was to update the disorders in this category based on the latest science and effective clinical practice…

Read more at http://www.dsm5.org/Documents/Paraphilic%20Disorders%20Fact%20Sheet.pdf

America Keeps Honoring One of Its Worst Mass Murderers: Henry Kissinger

America Keeps Honoring One of Its Worst Mass Murderers: Henry Kissinger

Including ten quotes that illustrate his megalomania and indifference to the deaths of untold numbers of civilians.

April 16, 2013

Henry Kissinger’s quote recently released by Wikileaks,”the illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer”, likely brought a smile to his legions of elite media, government, corporate and high society admirers. Oh that Henry! That rapier wit! That trademark insouciance! That naughtiness! It is unlikely, however, that the descendants of his more than 6 million victims in Indochina, and Americans of conscience appalled by his murder of non-Americans, will share in the amusement. For his illegal and unconstitutional actions had real-world consequences: the ruined lives of millions of Indochinese innocents in a new form of secret, automated, amoral U.S. Executive warfare which haunts the world until today.

And his conduct raises even more fundamental questions: to what extent can leaders who act secretly ,illegally and unconstitutionally, lying to their citizenry and legislature as a matter of course, legitimately claim to represent their people? How much allegiance do citizens owe such leaders? And what does it say about America’s elites that they have honored a man with so much innocent blood on his hands for the past 40 years?

Mr. Kissinger’s most significant historical act was executing Richard Nixon’s orders to conduct the most massive bombing campaign, largely of civilian targets, in world history. He dropped 3.7 million tons of bombs** between January 1969 and January 1973 – nearly twice the two million dropped on all of Europe and the Pacific in World War II. He secretly and illegally devastated villages throughout areas of Cambodia inhabited by a U.S. Embassy-estimated two million people; quadrupled the bombing of Laos and laid waste to the 700-year old civilization on the Plain of Jars; and struck civilian targets throughout North Vietnam – Haiphong harbor, dikes, cities, Bach Mai Hospital – which even Lyndon Johnson had avoided. His aerial slaughter helped kill, wound or make homeless an officially-estimated six million human beings**, mostly civilians who posed no threat whatsoever to U.S. national security and had committed no offense against it.

There is a word for the aerial mass murder that Henry Kissinger committed in Indochina, and that word is “evil”. The figure most identified with this word today is Adolph Hitler, and his evil was so unspeakable that the term is by now identified with him. But that is precisely why it is important to understand the new face of evil and moral depravity that Henry Kissinger represents. For evil not only comes in the form of madmen dreaming of 1000-year Reichs. In fact, in our day, it is more likely to be committed by sane, genial and ordinary careerists waging invisible automated war in far-off lands against people whose screams we never hear, whose faces we never see, and whose deaths go unrecorded and unnoticed. It is critical to understand this new face of evil, for it threatens not only countless foreigners but Americans in coming years. And no one has embodied it more than Henry Kissinger.

The planes he dispatched came by day. They came by night. Remorseless. Pitiless. Relentless. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Most of the people below had no idea where the bombers came from, why their lives had been turned into a living hell. The movie “War of the Worlds”, in which Americans are incomprehensibly slaughtered by machines is the closest depiction of what the innocent rice-farmers of Indochina experienced.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam were forced to live in holes and caves, like animals. Many tens of thousands were burned alive by the bombs, slowly dying in agony.

Read the entire article here: America Keeps Honoring One of Its Worst Mass Murderers: Henry Kissinger | Alternet.

What If The Illuminati Had A Training Video?

What If The Illuminati Had A Training Video?
It might look a bit like this.

John Galt, Activist Post

You have been chosen as a potential initiate at Illumicorp tasked with doing the bidding of the globalist agenda in the following areas of the curriculum:

I. Banking and Business: Here you will learn how a corporatist model will be set up to replace sovereign government with a world government run by experts in the fields of banking, technology and media. You will discover the role of central banking to ensure that nations who do not cooperate will be crushed with un-repayable debt; its citizens turned over to our management divisions – the IMF, World Bank and other institutions of higher purpose.

II. Military and Intelligence: Here you will begin to understand that the United States has been set up as the military arm of the New World Order to serve as the prototype for a global police force. You will also learn about the conditioning of the American populace to believe that war is peace, and that it is the role of their country alone to bring democracy to the world. Those who resist will eventually succumb to the hi-tech military-industrial-complex, subjected to all forms of military might including weather weapons.

III. Politics: Here you will learn of the unspoken agreement between the two-party dictatorship political design of the United States which advances a single overall agenda even as the media stokes the fires of their superficial differences. For the increasingly distrustful public, you will be introduced to the concept of the “rogue candidate” as controlled opposition who serves to further fragment any true resistance to Illumicorp’s much larger agenda. Instead, this rogue candidate will provide a de facto centralized database of those dissidents who oppose the New World Order.

IV: Education: Here you will learn about how education has been federalized to increase obedience and conformity on a mass scale. From the creation of the General Education Board in 1902, right through to Common Core today, coupled with licensing the official version of history via educational and theatrical releases — the dumbing down of America has been a spectacular success for Illumicorp. But, as always, much more needs to be done.

V: Media: Here you will learn about the integral role played by news, entertainment and advertising to create consensus reality through control of the collective unconscious. From modern forms of mind control to the hi-tech, few will remain aware of the hidden strings being pulled. Repeated patterns illuminating the isolation of the individual aim to produce a fearful, scheming population distrustful of all but those in authority.

VI: Religion: Here you will understand this age-old system of organized social control which has created flocks marching in lock-step according to a rigid, centralized doctrine, abandoning their spirituality along the way. However, another key component of religion is very helpful to us: the fanatic. By encouraging fundamentalism, religious duty has now merged with State and military duty, thus creating true soldiers of God willing to kill and die in order to protect their particular brand from threats posed by other brands. The chaos created has produced calls from all sides to eradicate these terrorists and restore order. As always, Illumicorp is here to help.

As the great plan reaches its final phase, having created thwarted the darkness imposed by an overbreeding rabble of the unenlightened now in constant conflict, Illumicorp is ready to shine its full light of wisdom upon the Earth. You will move beyond the limits of nationality, class and religion and embrace our vision of one world government, one world religion, and true equality among human beings. New technologies offer the power to monitor and control every individual and predict their behavior, thus increasing our knowledge and management skills. With this power, we can ensure that the guidelines we have established over millennia are followed to the letter and the byte … permanently. Mankind can finally be permitted to operate as a well-oiled machine.

But never forget: YOU are not among them. YOU are special, illumined, and destined for greatness as a destroyer of worlds and the true creator of something entirely new: Human Body 2.0 – the Post-Human.

Will you help Illumicorp complete the plan? Please do remember: we are all in this together….

Read the full article at Activist Post: What If The Illuminati Had A Training Video?.

Important family bloodlines


  1. The Astor Bloodline
  2. The Bundy Bloodline
  3. The Collins Bloodline
  4. The DuPonts
  5. The Freeman Bloodline
  6. The Kennedy Bloodline
  7. The Li Bloodline
  8. The Onassis Bloodline
  9. The Reynolds Bloodline
  10. The Rockefeller Bloodline
  11. The Rothschild Bloodline
  12. The Russell Bloodline
  13. The Van Duyn Bloodline
  14. The Merovingian Bloodline
  15. The Krupp’s and the Illuminati
  16. The Disney Bloodline
  17. The McDonald Bloodline

The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines book can be read or downloaded here: http://www.whale.to/b/sp/blood.html/

Narcissism – Example of extreme narcissism #2

Excerpt from Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High-Adept Satanism by Kerth Barker, 2014:

“What do you think?’ she asked.

“It’s beautiful,” I replied.

That was an understatement. The entire basement had been designed and painted to mimic an ancient Egyptian temple. It was painted in colors of green, orange, red, yellow and blue. On the north side there were two statues of the Sphinx. Next to one Sphinx was a white column and next to the other was a black column. Fastened to each column was a full-length mirror. Before each mirror was a prayer rug on a platform. Across the length of the basement there were columns that aligned to those two, each of which was beautifully painted in bright colors.

The floor was covered in black and white tiles like a chess board. On the east and west walls there were paintings in the Egyptian style, like those you might find in an ancient temple. The immediate impression was that of beauty.

But the Baron knew better than to trust the two sisters. He said nothing. I walked into the temple with the two sisters, but the Baron remained by the doorway.

When I looked back at the south wall, I began to realize that this basement temple might not be so beautiful. On it was a skeleton of a child crucified upon a child-sized cross. The skeleton had a crown of thorns on its head made out of rusty barbed wire. I looked back over at the altar on the north wall that was between the two sphinxes. It was made of stone. It was a flat table with blood channels in it at the top. It was wide enough that a child could be laid on it for sacrifice. Behind the table was a red wall with a large golden inverted pentagram painted on it. On a ledge in the center of the pentagram sat a golden statue of a dragon which looked more Chinese than Egyptian. The two Sphinxes had faces identical to the two sisters: the Sphinx by the black column had Nancy’s face and the Sphinx by the white column had Bernie’s face. The statues were of a high, professional quality.

The two sisters seemed to go into a trance state as they walked toward the altar. Each bowed her head before the Sphinx which depicted her own face. Then each knelt before her respective mirror and began to worship her own image.

As the two sisters worshipped themselves as goddesses, I wandered around the basement temple. I had seen images of the ancient Egyptian artwork in books before, and although the images painted on either side of the temple imitated the style of that art, the content was quite different. These paintings held images of child rape, child sacrifice, torture and cannibalism. Some showed ancient Egyptian warriors killing unarmed people, and piles of human skulls. Although I said nothing, I suddenly realized that this temple was a horror. It wasn’t the beautiful temple I imagined when I first wandered in.

I’ve seen quite a few Satanic temples and altars – some in person and quite a
few in films and photos. But the Satanic temple constructed by the two sisters was
unique. It was a reflection of an intense sense of aesthetics as well as a perfect
insanity. It was horrific and beautiful in equal measure. In some ways I felt lucky
to see it, but mostly I felt sickened by it.

The Baron was an enthusiastic Satanist, and he had a dark Satanic temple in the basement of his own mansion. But there was something so hideous about this temple that even he was repulsed by it. He gestured at me for me to walk toward him. I slowly began to back away from the two sisters and toward the exit door where the Baron stood.

But instantly the two sisters jumped up came over to either side of me.

“Don’t you want to learn the mystery of the Sphinx?” asked Bernie.

I nodded my head. I felt both terrified and fascinated by them at the same time.

“The Sphinx isn’t what most people think,” said Nancy.

“You’re such a clever little boy Kathy. You must know that the history of the world which you were taught in school is mostly silly nonsense designed to fool the human cattle,” said Bernie.

I nodded.

“The Sphinx in Egypt in front of the Great Pyramid is fifty thousand years old. Much older than the Pyramids,” said Nancy.

“And originally it didn’t have a human head. It had a lion’s head,” said Bernie.

“They carved the big lion’s head into a smaller human head much later on.”

“Do you know why they did that?”

I shook my head.

“The most ancient of peoples worshipped the lion because in ancient times the lions hunted humans and ate them. So humans worshipped the lions as gods because the lions were higher on the food chain. Do you understand Kathy?”

I nodded.

Then Bernie said, “But people learned to hunt and kill the lions and so humans became higher on the food chain than them.”

Nancy completed her thought by saying, “So the ancient royalty realized that if they were to become gods in the eyes of the people, they had to be as the lions once were.”

“So the ancient royal families began to eat their peasants – that is how they came to practice cannibalism.”

“Whoever is higher on the food chain than the peasants, rules over the peasants.”

“This is why the practice of cannibalism is necessary to the attainment of aristocracy.”

“And that is the secret of the Sphinx. It has the body of a lion, who eats people, but it has the head of a pharaoh who looks human.”

“So it’s is the perfect symbol of aristocratic cannibalism.”

If your stomach is strong, you can see extremely graphic images of human carcasses being prepared for cannibals at this website:  On the business of providing human flesh to wealthy Luciferians.