Ukraine, “Money does not come free.” IMF Christine Lagarde

She’s right! After the head of a country signs for a loan on the dotted line, the banks “own” the country. They take over its resources and its people. The banks begin to make demands, such as that the government should clamp down, reduce freedoms, services, benefits – and increase “austerity measures”, pass strict laws, and so on. Once they’ve given you the money they make out of nothing more than paper and ink, they behave as if they “own” you. Rascals join the side of the oppressors and innocent people comply.

IMF Christine Lagarde: “IMF money does not come free…”

After the 33 tons of Ukrainian Gold stolen, now is the time to rob the Ukrainian blood…(READ AT…)

The International Monetary Fund has warned that the economic crisis in Ukraine could have severe consequences, if swift action isn’t taken.

Kiev is now being pressured by creditors to make deep budget cuts, in exchange for the first tranche of a promised rescue package of up to 18 billion dollars.

From Ukraine ~ “Money does not come free…”, IMF Christine Lagarde – YouTube.

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