Turn of the Screw: The Cliven Bundy Standoff

Shame on Harry Reid and his son who planned this land grab for their own profit!

…While most of the alternative media has built up Cliven Bundy to be next in line for the title of victim of government violence, there is much more to the story than what is being reported both in the mainstream or alternative outlets.

With the abuse of protesters and the potential for the harming of an entire family, as well as a significant confrontation between police, federal agents, and militia-men, it is very important that those transfixed with the Bundy Ranch situation get the facts straight before any shots are fired and any more blood is spilled.

With this in mind, I would respectfully ask that the readers consider the following points before launching headlong into what may be a tragic mistake….

Government Hypocrisy, Collusion, and Private Interests

Of course, it cannot go without saying that if the government were truly concerned about the welfare of the turtles, they would have stopped the development in Southern Las Vegas, not Bundy’s grazing cattle.

In addition, concerns about the environment and ecology of the federal lands in question were conveniently missing when the land was opened up for Harry Reid’s pet projects with Chinese businesses. This evidence is damning; it shows government collusion in the form of Senate snake Harry Reid and his former senior advisor who had become the director of the BLM, as well as Reid’s son Rory Reid, the chief representative for a Chinese energy firm that was planning to build a $5 billion solar plant on public land in Nevada.

Although the facts are still unclear, many analysts are claiming that the Public Lands on which Bundy’s cattle grazed are not only heavy in mineral deposits but are also set to become an oil and gas fracking project…

by Brandon Turbeville at Activist Post

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