Carlos Arredondo – Boston hero or NWO fraud?

What you’re about to witness is sort of real..

The participants are actors, but the Rockefeller propaganda machine is sophisticated enough to know that modern perception management requires that a certain percentage of their contrived information be rooted in actual verifiable facts.

Damn you internet.

However, just like the mass shooting false flags have the underlying gun control agenda, the Boston mess has a different hidden purpose which is no less insidious.

The aftermath of their false flags always brings us more trauma-based mind control, but the Boston fake bombings also thrust a phony hero onto the world stage. A supposed extraordinary peace activist and bereaved father, who ran into danger and saved lives while everyone else was running away…

Who he is, why he was selected and most importantly – why the powers that should not be need so badly for us to believe in him, is what we’ll explore here…

Read more, see references and watch the video at Carlos Arredondo – Boston Hero or NWO FRAUD? – YouTube.

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