The Aquarian Conspiracy

And what is the current ISIS wreaking havoc over the Middle East? Why would a Muslim group use the name of a pagan goddess?

The British had a precedent for the counterculture they imposed upon the United States: the pagan cult ceremonies of the decadent Egyptian and Roman Empires. The following description of cult ceremonies dating back to the Egyptian Isis priesthood of the third millennium BC could just as well be a journalistic account of a "hippy be-in" circa AD 1969: “The acts or gestures that accompany the incantations constitute the rite [of Isis]. In these dances, the beating of drums and the rhythm of music and repetitive movements were helped by hallucinatory substances like hashish or mescal; these were consumed as adjuvants to create the trance and the hallucinations that were taken to be the visitation of the god. The drugs were sacred, and their knowledge was limited to the initiated… Possibly because they have the illusion of satisfied desires, and allowed the innermost feelings to escape, these rites acquired during their execution a frenzied character that is conspicuous in certain spells: “Retreat! Re is piercing thy head, slashing thy face, dividing thy head, crushing it in his hands; thy bones are shattered, thy limbs are cut to pieces!”

The counterculture that was foisted on the 1960s adolescent youth of America is not merely analogous to the ancient cult of Isis. It is a literal resurrection of the cult down to the popularization of the Isis cross (the “peace symbol” as the counterculture’s most frequently used symbol.

Drugs and brutal violence – does this sound like the ISIS movement in the Middle East? Again, why would a Muslim group use this name? Read more here: The Aquarian Conspiracy.

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