One thought on “The World Order’s Three-Tier Hierarchy”


    Thanks for the great website, Sir. Keep up the good work.

    I came to your site today to see what you thought of the possible assassination of Scalia by the Judaists.

    I believe the Judaists (esp. Jewish Oligarchs) killed conservative US Supreme Court Judge Scalia on 2/13/16. Here’s why:

    Scalia was a conservative (at least relatively speaking) and the Judaists did not like him and wanted to get rid of him. They are afraid Trump might win and they will lose control of the country. If they steal the election from Trump, he might sue all the way to the Supreme Court, so they wanted to get rid of one conservative.

    Also, if Trump wins, he might appoint one more conservative on the Court, if the Jewish Ginsburg dies, so they wanted to create one more opening for Obama, their puppet, to fill, with one of their own puppets.

    This was also to help Obama unleash the alien flood as his “executive amnesty” case is before the Court. Maybe Scalia refused to be forced to approve it when the Judaists approached him. So it is possible that some other Jewish sponsored legal group (acting as the “good guys”) gave him a free hunting trip to a Texas resort, all expense paid, where the other Judaists (“bad guys”) finished him.

    Somebody entered his hotel room wearing gloves and a mask, and finished him while he was asleep, using Mossad tactics.

    Nowadays, many hotel keys are “electronic”, which are basically like credit card with a password on them. Maids and cleaning crew have master keys, with the master password that can open any room. It would not be too hard for somebody to bribe a cleaning maid days before, “borrow” her key for a few minutes, swipe it on a card reader that copies the master password, and then return the master key card to her. And then use the data retrieved by the card reader to create a new master key card that opens any door in that hotel.

    The circumstances under which he died are fishy (in a resort far away from home). He did not have any medical problems prior to this. People get heart attacks with heavy physical activity, not in their sleep. No medical cause of death has been reported yet, even though one day has passed, suggesting there wasn’t one, so he was murdered by the Judaists.

    Isn’t it fishy that only conservatives die sudden unexpected deaths, but the evil liberals live long lives? The answer is simple—the Judaists are killing conservatives.

    I hope the remaining conservative Justices will stop traveling to private events and demand secret service and private security guards and other protection from now on at their homes and wherever they travel. They must be under 24/7 video and other security.

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