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Q – Are “the elite” more intelligent than we are?

A – The answer is, “No!” The “elite” are not more intelligent than we are. They may be more willing to do things that we wouldn’t do, because they do not feel obliged to adhere to the same ethical standard that we do, but “tricky” is not the definition of intelligence – and there are many different types of intelligence, not just the ability to do well at timed examinations such as aptitude tests. Tricky and wily and sneaky fit under the “criminal” heading, not under genuine “intelligence”.

It’s simple to win a game when you disregard inconvenient rules and makes up your own. Another way to win is to make up a game that no one else knows you are playing. If you lose, they don’t know you lost, because they didn’t know you were playing a game. And if you win, your unwitting opponent only knows something happened and they don’t have a clue how it happened – or that you were the one who made it happen. Therefore, you can imagine yourself intelligent, but you are actually only devious and dishonest – a criminal, crook or murderer.

The “elite” may not be more innately intelligent than we are, but they are usually better educated, for the following reasons:

1) The “elite” avoid public schools. Because of the way they have tweaked public education, they know full well that public schools are not designed to educate the great unwashed masses, but rather to prepare children for “burger-flipper” minimum wage jobs and stints in prison. They want better for their own children.

2) The “elite” send their children to exclusive private schools – and will even send them away to boarding schools.

3) They can afford to hire private teachers and tutors, have music and dance lessons, attend theater and symphony. They travel and

Q – Are the “elite” more organized than we are?

A – The answer is “Yes!” They have been playing their secret games for millennia and we have had no knowledge of them. We have not known the game they were playing and we have not known the rules they have for us. Because they have not told us the games they have played at our expense, they imagine we are stupid. But if the tables were turned and we designed a game that they did not know about or know the rules of, they would fare no better than we, in their games.

It is difficult for those who were raised to value “Love one another, Judge not and Forgive”, “Play fair, Be honest and kind”, “Don’t steal, Don’t torture, Don’t kill”, to understand that there are people in this world who believe they are better than other people and that it is their job to turn decent human values upside down, 180 degrees, to negate the good and exalt evil. But when it comes to explaining current events and why the quality of life on planet Earth is so very different place than it was just a century ago, then the upside down, backwards, inside-out explanation helps us to understand.

Imagine you had been taught from a very early age that “All Men are not created equal” – that you are better than others; that you, but others are not, “endowed with unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”, that there is no God, that you are never safe – even among those who claim to love you – because even your parents do not protect you from harm and they themselves use you sexually and abuse you physically and berate you mentally from your earliest days. Imagine you had been taught to “Fear and hate, Judge others as inferior to you, to Never forgive”, to “Do unto others before they do it to you”, to – yes – to pick locks and steal, to lie and cheat, to trick and deceive, to manipulate and bully, to laugh at the misfortunes of others, to torture and kill. After all, if you believe you are somehow better than others, you could also reason it is ok to hurt people in order to get what you want. Raised in that way, you might have grown up to be a very troubled psychiatric client, a crooked politician, someone who choreographs economic depressions or who deals in the slave trade.

The players of secret games seem to enjoy ruining things – to betray trust, to sidetrack lives, ruin planets, devastate hearts and souls, destroy joy.

The “elite” come together in “secret societies” – even in colleges such as Yale where George W. Bush and John Kerry joined “Skull and Bones” – where naked initiates pledge loyalty to the society even before they know the depth of the game they will be forced to play. But does an oath to a secret society obligate one forever to a downward spiral? No. People can break – and have broken – those “promises”, for we are not bound by any oaths to any power other than the power that breathes us.

The “elite” are far more organized than we are but they are not more intelligent than we are… and they know it. And we outnumber them by more than 100 to 1. That is why they are afraid of us and hope to accomplish their secret plans for destruction of the majority of the human race before we figure out what is afoot. Their plans have flourished in secrecy, but now they have been brought to the light, the public eye. As a result, their days are numbered.

The “elite” have been following plans that are centuries, if not millennia, old. They are not particularly creative but they are determined to win. What is needed is to ask a simple question… is their shallow, meaningless game worthy of them? Or is there a higher game to play that they need to attend to by leaving the booby trap they’ve been caught in?

Most of them may not yet realize there is a very real and important game to play here on planet Earth and that their game of acquisition is a vastly inferior, time-wasting game. Working to gain control of everything and everyone is an admission of fear. What happy, content, safe and secure person feels an overwhelming needs to control? Only one who has terror striking at his bones feels a need to amass fortune, fame, power and control.

If the elite were to take the energy they put into scheming destruction and invest it in making this world a lovely place for everyone to live – with plenty of clear, clear, pure water, deep blue skies, organic food, time to be with their families, as the elite love to do, then the same people who are now cursed would be celebrated and loved and adored wherever they go; they’d feel deeply good inside about themselves too.

As it is, counting money and conquering countries, they will ultimately kick themselves… if not before they leave this life, then soon thereafter when they realize they made a big mistake. Some have already turned their lives around and are working to make the world a better, rather than a bitter, place.

To see what drives the elite to do what they do, the plans they follow, click on the tab above, “WHY & WHEN?” – as well as the the subcategories:

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6) Silent Weapons, Quiet Wars – Have we already been targets of a war against our health, our happiness, our wealth, families, intelligence, freedom? At this link is evidence of the assault we are under from many directions – within our own country, from our own government and corporate systems. For more on this, see

“Holy Child of God,
when will you learn that
only holiness can content you,
and give you peace?”

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