“Brice Taylor” (Sue Ford)


Brice Taylor, former CIA mind control victim, names the high profile perp abusers from her past. Her book is Thanks for the Memories in honor of her handler, Bob Hope. Here is the book’s table of contents:

Foreword by Walter Bowart: Thanks for the Memmemmormee!? …… 7
Historical Overview: Mind Control in the Modern Context…….12
Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control by Ron Patton ……..14
Manufacturing the Mind Controlled Slave………25
Awakening to the Realities of Mind Control……..31
Authors’s Introduction…………..35

Chapter One: The Creation of Human Robot……….40
Chapter Two: Early Childhood Preparation ……..43
Chapter Three: We’re Off to See the Wizard……..57
Chapter Four: Uncle Charlie, Kissinger, Hope and their Little Puppet…..65
Chapter Five: Initiation into the Political Arena as a Sex Slave……..74
Chapter Six: JFK and the Sex Shuttle………83
Chapter Seven: All the way with LBJ……….92
Chapter Eight: Brain Surgery at UCLA took away my Father’s Free Will…96
Chapter Nine: They didn’t see me as Human………..99
Chapter Ten: Introduced to Governor Ronald Reagan …… 107
Chapter Eleven: Mind Control in the Prisons……….110
Chapter Twelve: Nixon, Kissinger, and International Business ……116
Chapter Thirteen: Bob Hope “Let me entertain you.”…….135
Chapter Fourteen: Parties at the Rockefellers………147
Chapter Fifteen: Hope and Kissinger Utilize the Kennedy Family….159
Chapter Sixteen: Viva Las Vegas …………163
Chapter Seventeen: The Rat Pack ………..171
Chapter Eighteen: Gerald Ford……….183
Chapter Nineteen: My Programmed Marriage – We’ve Only Just Begun ……186
Chapter Twenty: Jimmy Carter ………….189
Chapter Twenty-one: The Hollywood Connection……….190
Chapter Twenty-two: Prince Phillip, Prince Charles, and Princess Di …..203
Chapter Twenty-three: They Stole My Baby………..206
Chapter Twenty-four: USC: Higher Education or Mind Control……208
Chapter Twenty-five: Baby Monarchs are Born……..215
Chapter Twenty-six: Dodger Diamonds……….239
Chapter Twenty-seven: Education 2000……….243
Chapter Twenty-eight: Reagan, Kissinger, Bush and More Horrors ……247
Chapter Twenty-nine: Back to the Future………255
Chapter Thirty: UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute……….264
Chapter Thirty-one: Weaponry Technology of the Future …….268
Chapter Thirty-two: Robot Breakdown………..274
Chapter Thirty-three: Bill Clinton and Hillary………277
Chapter Thirty-four: Excuse Me, I Would Like My Life Back……..280
Chapter Thirty-five: Secret Societies ………296
Chapter Thirty-six: The Council’s Plan………..299
Chapter Thirty-seven: What the World Needs Now……..308
Chapter Thirty-eight: A Mother and Grandmother’s Sorrow ……..316
Epilogue ……………..321

Survivor Resources…………325
Suggested Reading…………325

Cathy O’Brien

Cathy O’Brien

Child victim of the illuminati mind-control sex slave program, Cathy was used for decades as a “presidential model”, drug courier and international message bearer. She was required to service U.S. presidents, vice-presidents, senators, top military officials, and notables in the entertainment industry.

Survivor turned whistleblower, Cathy’s books are: TranceFormation of America and Access Denied. She has astonishing tales to tell of those who are still in public office in Washington, D.C., those who have recently left, and those who aspire to public office in the near future and some who have died. Cathy has recovered and offers tools for healing in her book, Access Denied.

“Mary Ann”

Interview from July 18, 2011 with “Mary Ann” (Illuminati Defector), by Henry Makow

“Mary Ann” says that 80-90% of the U.S. House of Representatives and 100% of the Senate are members of the Illuminati, as well as the Supreme Court judges and the Executive Branch. You just don’t get into positions of importance without those connections.

Tetanus Vaccines Sterilizing Women In Kenya?

A concerning new report from the head cardinal of the Catholic Church in Kenya alleges that a WHO/UNICEF sponsored tetanus vaccination campaign may conceal an agenda of forced contraception for over 2 million Kenyan women.

In a move that is garnering international attention, the head of the Catholic Church in Kenya has raised suspicions about the World Health Organization and UNICEF’s tetanus vaccine campaign in their country, which is exclusively targeting over two million Kenyan women of children bearing age (14-49), to the exclusion of males and those younger who may be at higher risk from lethal harm from the tetanus infection…

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Who Owns the Media?

Massive corporations dominate the U.S. media landscape. Through a history of mergers and acquisitions, these companies have concentrated their control over what we see, hear and read. In many cases, these companies are vertically integrated, controlling everything from initial production to final distribution. In the interactive charts below we reveal who owns what.

Please read more at Who Owns the Media? | Free Press.


How surprised were we to discover that the god of the “elite” is not the God of the religions they espouse publicly! The individuals may publicly attend a synagogue, church or mosque, but secretly they have pledged their allegiance to Lucifer and Satan. These groups value money and power more than Life.

We at The Shame Campaign call the “Illuminati”, the ill-dark-and-naughty. For we know that if they were truly illumined, they would not care to cheat, trick, steal, harm, kill, wage wars. So we wish for them that they truly become illumined, for then they will know that they are safe in a world that has no thorns, no threat, that they are not in danger and they will wish only good – not ill – for everyone. They will bless, not curse.

At this time, their vision of the future is not the same as ours.  Their vision is that they and their families will rule the world like kings and the remaining 500 million “common folk” will be their slaves and servants.

They train their young from birth to think in direct opposition to the standards set by Judaism, Christianity and Islam, so for instance:

  • “Thou shalt NOT kill” becomes “Thou SHALT kill.”
  • “Thou shalt NOT steal becomes “Thou SHALT steal.” and so on.
  • Rather than “God is Love,” they walk in a circle chanting “Evol si dog” until they fall down, laughing hilariously.

Many who were raised in “the cult” of the “elite” report that they were taught as children to kill, steal, lie, spy, to hypnotize, undermine, trick and manipulate others. They are trained to be cunning, ruthless, cruel and loyal, for if they are not, they are severely punished.

Much healing is needed, for if they are not healed and only punished, they will return and fall into the same anti-social behavior again… to their detriment and to the detriment of the world.

Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.
~ Revelation 3:9

So please be clear that there are those who claim to be Jews who are not, those who claim to be Christian who are not, and those who claim to be Muslims who are not. The claim of the “elite” to practice conventional religions distracts the public from discovering that the real allegiance of the “elite” is to Satan.


Want to know more about how the “elite” have worked to influence religions?




Luciferianism and Satanism

Sister Charlotte Keckler – life in a convent

Confessions of an ex-Roman Catholic Nun: Sister Charlotte Keckler

A comment at YouTube:

I am a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and have worked in Corrections, Forensics and with Personality Disorders for almost twenty years.  I can tell you without a doubt that Sister Charlotte is speaking the truth.  One of the tell tell signs is one; the speed at which she talks, and how she constantly diverts the subject to something of greater detail such as how straps were tied and held her in a specific manner or how much suffering it caused, and then goes back and picks up where she was and continues the story.  Also there is never a pause while she’s talking, she doesn’t have to review what she’s about to say to make certain it doesn’t conflict with something she’s already said, also is how she’ll begin to describe what obviously is different acts of sexual abuse but then will stop and not be anymore descriptive in detail, the reason is because it was humiliating and she doesn’t want to relive the unnecessary details when the listener will understand by what she’s already said.  Someone deceiving you will repeatedly go out of there way to convince you by expanding upon something gruesome by including all the detail to shock and disgust the listener in to believing.  Nope she’s been there and this was real.  Also remember, look at when she was born, 1889, this occurred around 1907-1930’s, and once joined she was shipped over to Europe to some isolative convent where she was totally isolated from any possibility of every obtaining help, or even being able to speak the language of the country she was in.   Nope if anything she’s passed up a lot of the gruesome details, the rapes, sodomies, S&M and God only knows what other acts committed against her by the priests and other nuns.  Undoubtedly they were made to commit acts with each other at first to help some poor soul out of purgatory and later out of fear for themselves if they dare refuse.  The travesties alone this woman saw committed could fill a book by itself!