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Kerth Barker’s memoirs speak of the influx of Nazis into the USA after WWII, when they were making a ‘science’ of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse). That is why SRA and MKUltra both use sex, torture, deprivation, fear, death, hypnosis, etc and why they sound so much alike. They are one and the same: trauma-based mind control.

Elisa, a very credible witness from a Navy family, like many of my clients who spoke of such things happening to them.

David Marrow – The Monarch Project

David, i’m so sorry you had to go through that. Thank you for speaking out. Kerth Barker in his “Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers – Memoirs of a Satanic Abuse Survivor” book says that MK Ultra / Monarch was an attempt to turn Satanic Ritual Control into a scientific method – that’s why the two seem to be all jumbled up. I’ll be adding this video to my ‘survivors’ page at – not shame for the victims, but shame for the abusers. I’m glad you survived. And I’m glad you are telling your story. I’ve met quite a few people who were born into military intelligence families, and they were used for such projects. It’s disgraceful that adults participate in this kind of behavior and treat children in this way – as you say beginning around 37 minutes. So true they don’t care about people. They call that condition, psychopathy; they are psychopaths and they are trying to make others psychopathic too. People who escape and talk about it are people they were not able to successfully program compassion OUT of… congratulations.

David Marrow – The Monarch Project – YouTube.