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Kerth Barker’s memoirs speak of the influx of Nazis into the USA after WWII, when they were making a ‘science’ of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse). That is why SRA and MKUltra both use sex, torture, deprivation, fear, death, hypnosis, etc and why they sound so much alike. They are one and the same: trauma-based mind control.

Elisa, a very credible witness from a Navy family, like many of my clients who spoke of such things happening to them.

David Marrow – The Monarch Project

David, i’m so sorry you had to go through that. Thank you for speaking out. Kerth Barker in his “Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers – Memoirs of a Satanic Abuse Survivor” book says that MK Ultra / Monarch was an attempt to turn Satanic Ritual Control into a scientific method – that’s why the two seem to be all jumbled up. I’ll be adding this video to my ‘survivors’ page at – not shame for the victims, but shame for the abusers. I’m glad you survived. And I’m glad you are telling your story. I’ve met quite a few people who were born into military intelligence families, and they were used for such projects. It’s disgraceful that adults participate in this kind of behavior and treat children in this way – as you say beginning around 37 minutes. So true they don’t care about people. They call that condition, psychopathy; they are psychopaths and they are trying to make others psychopathic too. People who escape and talk about it are people they were not able to successfully program compassion OUT of… congratulations.

David Marrow – The Monarch Project – YouTube.

MK-Ultra Writer Hits Invisible Wall


ann diamond mk ultra authorAnn Diamond wrote her story of being a child victim of brainwashing experiments, she discovered that an invisible force, the Illuminati, controls discourse and publishing in Canada. “Successful people,” often mind-control victims themselves, are collaborators. Art and entertainment are means of inducting society into this satanic cult which controls the world.

“It didn’t occur to me that a series of grownup MK ULTRA children could have approached Canadian publishers over the years with similar stories of underground laboratories at universities and military bases, where children were kept in cages, raped, electroshocked, and worse.”

In 2004, I wrote a memoir about my childhood growing up as part a secret mind control experiment, one of hundreds across North America that operated under the black umbrella of the MK ULTRA program between 1953 and 1964.

As twin children of a Royal Canadian Air Force flight sergeant and his unwitting French-Canadian wife, my brother and I had been placed in a special program run out of McGill University`s Allan Memorial in downtown Montreal.

Based on two years and thousands of pages of research and correspondence with other survivors, my 400-page book recounted the story of a typical Canadian family caught up in a classified program most Canadians have never heard of even now.

I thought I had solved a great mystery that had damaged my generation (Baby Boomers) and haunted me throughout my life. In Montreal it seemed everyone I spoke to knew someone, or had a family member who had been harmed by the same McGill doctors – psychiatrists and neurologists – I was investigating, including several heroes of the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.- I had only to mention the subject and stories poured out, which explained so much about our collective and personal experience, that I was naively convinced that some brave Canadian publisher would pick it up and market it to a wide audience.

I was unprepared for what actually happened. Editors, agents and publishers I contacted not only rejected it flat out, but seemed to know all about the top secret program without reading past the blurb. Most declined or failed to respond to my emails and queries, and the few who did said things which were downright weird, even slightly scary. “This book could never be published in Canada” – opined one Montreal editor, with astonishing self-assurance. How could she know that before she’d read it?

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