Illuminati or ill-dark-n-naughty?

The “Illuminati” promise enlightenment to their members – if only they will sign their lives over to Satan or Lucifer, aka the Devil, allowing demonic possession. They take an oath vowing to obey their superiors in the group and to keep Illuminati secrets. It is made clear that the penalty for breaking the oath is an excruciating death.

During initiation, the trainer will bring the initiate to the point of death, using two primary means. Sex is called “la petite mort” or “the little death”, so they most often use a combination of sex and violence, pleasure and pain, to force the mind to the point of overwhelm at which point the person leaves his body and for all practical purposes, dies.

During the time the person is out of the body, the demonic presence can enter it and take control. But truth be known, nothing has been given by the Illuminati. Something that has always been there is revealed – for a moment. When the victim gives up and leaves his body, he merely sees what has been there all along – hidden behind the chatter of the ordinary waking consciousness. When the victim stops breathing, the Illuminati handlers yank the person back into the body.

Rather than give credit where credit is due – for light truly is the realm of the divine – “God is Light” – the Illuminati claim the light the person saw was Lucifer’s. And the end result is that a psychopathic presence has now possessed the person and taken control of the person’s life.

The near-death experience (NDE) has been well documented this past century. Many people throughout history have dipped into the Light. There are many articles and videos on the Internet. Scriptures document the Light experienced over time. In that Light is also Love, for “God is Love.” No one who is in touch with the Light and Love of God could possibly do what the Illuminati do. They cannot harm, hurt, steal, kill. The Illuminati’s version of enlightenment is actually en-darken-ment. And the “Illuminati” are very, very naughty.

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