Kathy Groves – CIA Child Snuff Survivor Speaks Out

Katy’s first video, which came out shortly after Q began posting…

Next, she tells why examining the alphabet agencies, “draining the swamp” and the roundup of child sex traffickers are so important.

This video contains graphic descriptions of violence against children. Please scroll down for an in-depth trigger warning below.

I was born in Central Texas in 1996 into a CIA child snuff ring known as Uncle Sam’s Snuff Factory, aka The Genocide Factory due to its participation in the systematic extermination of children of color that the United States military has been perpetrating for many, many years.

There, alongside many others, I suffered Hell on Earth and while I have escaped, my life is still in flames. Most people, including mental health professionals, are oblivious to the world in which we survivors live and react out of violence, not compassion, when confronted with the deepest aspects of human suffering. The cognitive dissonance is overwhelming for them, so they reject the victims with the crimes. And the crimes continue.

If you are a survivor, I applaud you for your strength and will to live. If you are an ally, I thank you from the deepest place in my heart. And if this information is new to you, or you have yet to open your heart, I ask of you only one thing: to look and have compassion. If millions of children have the strength to endure these horrors, then perhaps you at least have the strength to listen when one of us survives to speak about it.

Many more videos and a link to her website at each video. Pt 2 contains graphic descriptions of child abuse.  Please do not watch if you are a survivor, yourself, as it is triggering. The last video, however, does not go into details.

17 thoughts on “Kathy Groves – CIA Child Snuff Survivor Speaks Out”

  1. Katie, I would love to help in some way .You are a bright, beautiful woman who has overcome an incredibly cruel system.God Speed this is all coming to an End around the world soon with Mr.T and the White Team.🙏

  2. How incredibly brave and strong you are. Your message is so important for people to here to understand and to acknowledge maybe surrounded with white light and comfort and healing.

  3. Hi Kathy
    I have been following the trial and I am glad you are safe, I was guided to a Simon Parkes of connecting Coniusness, that lead me to Dr. Charlie Ward, who in his earlier times as a young boy, went through what you have mentioned, the doctrine through his family members; he also mentions when he left he had three years of going through the fourth dimension(Fogged mind and not knowing where he should be in life) and then in to the fifth dimension of understanding what he wanted to be.
    Look for his site on the internet, because some more healing is about to be done if you do; then get in touch with Simon Parkes spiritual adviser….
    Also look at Saving the soul of seattle on you tube by 4 KOMO NEWS, there is a lady on there, went through the hard drugs and turned her life around, which lead to helping out in different places.
    They say when you give a little ie help to some one like Dr Charlie Ward does you get a new purpose in your life.
    GOD BLESS YOU and may I’ll see you around one day as Simon Parkes is moving over to America to help out with some special med-beds to help the children being saved.

  4. Thank you for you courage and we need the people that feel it in their heart to share this, because we need this to get out, a lot of people don’t want to believe its real and THAT is the biggest issue we have.

  5. You are a beautiful, strong and courageous woman. Thank you for all that you have done to bring this to the surface. I applaud your bravery. May God bless you and keep you close to His heart. Ursula x

  6. U are an incredible young lady n my prayers are with you n all of the children living and pass. ..these kids nowadays think they have it bad they just dont know the wrath of horror. I’m so sorry

  7. Dear Katy Groves,
    all respect for your strength, courage, and your calm and mindful way to speak about those unspeakably horrible things! May God bless you to reach many more people with your message! It is about time that mankind wakes up again to its inborn love and empathy.
    Thank you and all the best! 🙂

  8. I was watching 60 minutes 2 weeks ago they were taking about snuff movies I had never heard about them when I googled it I was very upset I can’t believe humans could do that to others there are so many different people in the world but these type of people are wrong

  9. I can’t look. I know a little something about the darkness people bring. And without a shred of remorse or desire to change.
    Survivors spend the rest of their lives with that knowledge.

  10. I have ptsd and cannot watch your videos. I know you are for real and want to thank you for your courage. Keep moving forward.
    My counselor told me that Ptsd hurts like fire as it leaves you, but you will not be burned. She was right and her words validated my experience and gave me courage.

  11. My mother, JANE, was a psychologist, mind control programmer, and procurer of children for sodomy and ritual abuse.
    I’ve been waking up for 2.5 years.
    We’ve been thru some of the same things.
    Was good to hear your story.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. I hope JANE is behind bars. She seems to have made money at childrens’ expense. This is a powerful story – I am glad that these survivors are here speaking out so that we know. I fear that 60 – 70% of people on earth are suffering or have suffered, or will suffer satanic abuse globally. The cannibals are many; but fear not, for they will turn on each other. We are the light; we cut through darkness like a knife through butter. Lizards and werewolves can’t live in the light. Let them fight like hammers through butter, smashing each other with their forked tongues & tongued forks. They are cannibals; they are their own best prey. Let us continue to share their trespasses against us, against humanity. Let them eat each other alive.

  12. Shalom my name is Rachel. I hear you and totally believe everything you say. I was very much in a theater. And the directors couch is real. As an actress I was approached many times. Some of my teachers for my acting schools head even approached me. It is a horrible feeling. Even though I’m 63 years old now I’m still devastated by some of those things that happened in the past. I would very much like to be your friend. I understand what you went through. I’m not here to save you. Of course you. Or to make you accept any religion. I believe I’m not empathic. I love to give positive energy. I would never intrude on your space. She would have to get to know me. I’ll always be here for you no matter what. Meaning that I Will Never Let You Down. I hope you can believe it that. I’m a free spirit. And I know you’re for real. I have no questions to ask. I just want to be that friend just closer than a sister. Love Rachel

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