The Rabbit Hole is Much Darker and Far More Sinister than You Imagined

Child sex trafficking and satanic ritual abuse survivor and whistle blower Fiona Barnett joins me to discuss the plague upon the earth that is being exposed and that MUST be brought to an end. Fiona, a former child victim of very powerful people is not afraid to name the names of those she alleges abused her as a child. And according to Fiona, the CIA and the British Crown control most of the human trafficking activities around the world.
Unfortunately, it is difficult to confirm whether Fiona is still alive.
This is not the original video linked in this post, but could be even better.

Part 1:

Part 2:

4 thoughts on “The Rabbit Hole is Much Darker and Far More Sinister than You Imagined”

  1. Oh yeah theres much proof. I mean if Hinckley jr being sent to snuff out Reagan wasnt enough maybe mormons dressing up like indians to attack settlers then say that lamanites are wicked well duh … I am lamanite and your book prophesizes your own demise. So It ties in to RH- O – the 13th blood line. Hemophiliacs as in iron deficiency. Look at ancestry sites which ironically are ran by lds church such as 23andme and GlaxoSmithKline George Soros creating new cancer drugs based off of individual dna. Then you have mitt romney and Monsanto bain and Iran contra HuntsMAN chemical company tried merging with clariant of Switzerland to the tune of 14 billion merger. My question is how did Bain give bayer 325 million and huntsman 600 right before the supposed merger that strangely halted oct 2017. Then you have huntsman known bilderberger and philanthropist that seems to also have personal ties with Singapore China and Russia and manufacture propylene glycol titanium dioxide and glyphosate. Huh weird that a man who owns a cancer institute also owns a company that makes glyphosate. 12000 cases in Utah alone what a racket. Y’all Luciferians may want to determine if your mandatory purchase to heaven is refundable because the way Ursa Major sits in relation to the north star being the throne of God. That means you are east or left hand of God. Could be wrong but I dont think so the pentagram in the temple window and moroni getting struck by lightning are pretty good indicators. Oh and contrails from Hill airforce base. Makes sense why your Lizard britches got all buggered up when the wall declaration halted funding for it. Really slowed down the obvious contrails all over Utah. Rh- O- targeted. Boy you must be wondering how I know all this… 144000 lightworkers or as lamanites would say rainbow warriors so Father showed me.
    How is your fake alien invasion supposed to work without a sodium backdrop for holograms of the Death star or USS enterprise? Pretty smart though if you can convince people there are aliens then maybe Kolob isnt so far off. Oh and uh say hi to the chickenshit black pope that ran like a lil bitch to Syria for me. Tell him he should borrow Martin Luther King juniors books Francis got as a reminder history repeats itself and we dont tolerate children being used as leverage. Oh and uh have a very Merry Christmas Jesus is King

  2. This is just out of the blue. Is there any other proof other than word of mouth. If there is and it’s given to the authorities then it will be covered up. I would have no idea of who to trust, I would trust no one.

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