What’s what?

What’s real and what’s not?

Much of what we see, hear or read in today’s media is not news at all. Many of the events that astonish and outrage us have been carefully planned and performed, specifically to create conflict and division among nations and racial groups, to create conflict between the sexes, to end family cohesion, to stir prejudice, hatred, anger, and engage our willingness to go to war. (See also, The Protocols.)

These carefully crafted events are also designed to inspire in us fear so that we will request more government “protection”. There is an active campaign to convince Americans to voluntarily relinquish the Bill of Rights: the right to free speech, privacy and self-protection.

Consequently, we see the NSA spying on American citizens, the end of the ability to freely travel, micromanaging, a militarized police force, and a movement for gun control. Some call these scripted events, PsyOps – Psychological Operations.


Who is monkeying with the news – and why?…
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Real news – corrections …
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What about rewriting history?…
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Real history – corrections…
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Revolutions – citizen uprisings or part of the big plan?…
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Convenient political murders & assassinations…
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False flags – working hard to rile us up…
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9-11 WTC…
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