4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Mysterious Malady”

  1. Is the video still available? Are there legal complications from re-posting it?

    I am in Face Book Jail, but this video came up as a memory, so I copied it. I am also blocked by Twitter, but I can post in 5 or 6 other platforms like Truth Social, Spreely, etc., but I do not wish to cause problems for you or others.

    1. Hi, Glenn. Thanks for commenting. I suspect HRC has access to health services that the rest of such victims do not have. Blood transfusions, or even drinking blood (see Kerth Barker’s “Blood Drinking, Cannibalism & High-Adept Satanism”) might help a lot with CJD. Kuru occurred in a very small, primitive group that had no such resources. Even for most people in modern America, frequent blood transfusions would be impossibly expensive. The Clintons can afford them. This is my impression of the difference.

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