Lincoln, Kennedy and Obama

We the American people should be intolerant of lies.
~ Michael Rivero

kennedy US Note

Note there is no pyramid or other masonic symbol on this usury-free U.S. Note from 1963.

I have written this commentary for two purposes. First, to remind President Obama that he already has all the authority he needs to order the US Treasury to start issuing currency. He just needs to pick up the phone or stroll through that tunnel and tell them to carry out Kennedy’s EO 11110. Obama has that authority. He does not need Congress or anyone else’s permission.

My second purpose is to send a message to the Federal Reserve. and that message is that if Obama does start issuing currency in accord with the Constitution and Kennedy’s EO 11110, and anything happens to him (or for that matter to Ellen Brown), the owners of the Federal Reserve will be our first and most likely suspects.

LINCOLN, KENNEDY, AND OBAMA by Michael Rivero, 2009

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