What If The Illuminati Had A Training Video?

What If The Illuminati Had A Training Video?
It might look a bit like this.

John Galt, Activist Post

You have been chosen as a potential initiate at Illumicorp tasked with doing the bidding of the globalist agenda in the following areas of the curriculum:

I. Banking and Business: Here you will learn how a corporatist model will be set up to replace sovereign government with a world government run by experts in the fields of banking, technology and media. You will discover the role of central banking to ensure that nations who do not cooperate will be crushed with un-repayable debt; its citizens turned over to our management divisions – the IMF, World Bank and other institutions of higher purpose.

II. Military and Intelligence: Here you will begin to understand that the United States has been set up as the military arm of the New World Order to serve as the prototype for a global police force. You will also learn about the conditioning of the American populace to believe that war is peace, and that it is the role of their country alone to bring democracy to the world. Those who resist will eventually succumb to the hi-tech military-industrial-complex, subjected to all forms of military might including weather weapons.

III. Politics: Here you will learn of the unspoken agreement between the two-party dictatorship political design of the United States which advances a single overall agenda even as the media stokes the fires of their superficial differences. For the increasingly distrustful public, you will be introduced to the concept of the “rogue candidate” as controlled opposition who serves to further fragment any true resistance to Illumicorp’s much larger agenda. Instead, this rogue candidate will provide a de facto centralized database of those dissidents who oppose the New World Order.

IV: Education: Here you will learn about how education has been federalized to increase obedience and conformity on a mass scale. From the creation of the General Education Board in 1902, right through to Common Core today, coupled with licensing the official version of history via educational and theatrical releases — the dumbing down of America has been a spectacular success for Illumicorp. But, as always, much more needs to be done.

V: Media: Here you will learn about the integral role played by news, entertainment and advertising to create consensus reality through control of the collective unconscious. From modern forms of mind control to the hi-tech, few will remain aware of the hidden strings being pulled. Repeated patterns illuminating the isolation of the individual aim to produce a fearful, scheming population distrustful of all but those in authority.

VI: Religion: Here you will understand this age-old system of organized social control which has created flocks marching in lock-step according to a rigid, centralized doctrine, abandoning their spirituality along the way. However, another key component of religion is very helpful to us: the fanatic. By encouraging fundamentalism, religious duty has now merged with State and military duty, thus creating true soldiers of God willing to kill and die in order to protect their particular brand from threats posed by other brands. The chaos created has produced calls from all sides to eradicate these terrorists and restore order. As always, Illumicorp is here to help.

As the great plan reaches its final phase, having created thwarted the darkness imposed by an overbreeding rabble of the unenlightened now in constant conflict, Illumicorp is ready to shine its full light of wisdom upon the Earth. You will move beyond the limits of nationality, class and religion and embrace our vision of one world government, one world religion, and true equality among human beings. New technologies offer the power to monitor and control every individual and predict their behavior, thus increasing our knowledge and management skills. With this power, we can ensure that the guidelines we have established over millennia are followed to the letter and the byte … permanently. Mankind can finally be permitted to operate as a well-oiled machine.

But never forget: YOU are not among them. YOU are special, illumined, and destined for greatness as a destroyer of worlds and the true creator of something entirely new: Human Body 2.0 – the Post-Human.

Will you help Illumicorp complete the plan? Please do remember: we are all in this together….

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