Ritual Abuse, MKUltra & Gangstalking

Ritual Abuse, MKUltra & Gangstalking: Evil Goals of the Illuminati…This video goes into detail about very specific Illuminati Bloodlines, that have been ruling this planet for many centuries, and can be traced all the way back to ancient Sumer and Babylonian times.

Satanism and the CIA: International Trafficking in Children

4 thoughts on “Ritual Abuse, MKUltra & Gangstalking”

  1. there exists in salford ,england an mk ultra network
    it is thought to have been active since 2011
    and is still active to this day.
    the main culprit is known as the “shush prompter ”
    who does whats called in this mk ultra network “un clickjacking “.
    which basically means to sample peoples thoughts and words to attack people
    who are targeted individuals.
    they torture and interogate people by establihing synthetic voices to people
    to give them a multiple personallity disorder.
    they then start by stealing personal info and threaten people saying they have
    been given a lifetime sentence in this mk ultra network and are threatened with death
    and are acused of incest and beastiality saying it will never be removed.
    the shush prompter also does whats called “unclick jacking back and disconecting
    which means changing synthetic voices around and giving the people who are with the sush prompter
    the un clickjacks to each establied connection to cause more problems.
    they are only interested in keeping people scared and quiet about the mk ultra network
    there are many diferent voices and what they try to do is synthetic voices that mach other peoples voices.
    they also clickjack peoples memories by talkin about peoples names.
    the shush prompter and other people can often be heard moving about and looking for peoples thoughts and voices
    to listen in and establish them.
    and the shush prompter often can be heard to ask questions like what is the targeted individual looking at
    or thinking about.
    then they unclickjack the thoughts from people,they then use the info and synthetic voice to target other people
    it is not known who many people are involved.
    but is is thought they use stuxnet rootkits to cause different frequencies to begin the harrasment.
    the sush prompter is known to use a voice of god weapon as is has a silent voice.
    you first get the shush prompt inside your mind then the shush noise.
    it is thought to be the the british authorites that use this after the british and americans
    first use it in the gulf war.
    and now use it on there own people.
    this is real and needs to be stopped
    it is is thought its done by microwave weapons,and maybe others .
    the world needs to know this is real and exists.
    its basically military weapons and listening devices.
    and mk ultra and they can do this without implants .
    if these frequencies can be scanned it can be proven.
    it is very loud and there are certain synthetic voices that cause resonance that could be picked up and this is all done to a constant drum beat
    to cause people different amounts of stess and anxiety.
    please take this serious its not a hoax.
    the only way to pick this up people think is by place like s.e.t.i and jodrel bank.

    1. Thank you, K, for contributing that information. I can only imagine how you learned so much about it. ?

      It is most unfortunate when people imagine that hearing these voices is due to insanity. And it is most unfortunate if they feel a need to obey their orders.

      I had a lovely client once who heard voices that would ask her for money. She said they called themselves something like “The Christian Brotherhood”. Her father had been in military intelligence during the Korean war. It appeared to me that she had an implant, for she had to move her head to “tune in” to hear it well. She was pregnant and they told her they wanted her baby.

      The people behind these activities are more than mischievous – they are downright evil. I have met several victims who were children of military intelligence parents; I have heard that children were required to be ‘sacrificed’ in this way to advance their parents’ careers. Some are “sacrificed” for experimentation – both physical and mental. I have met two brilliant men who are trapped inside extremely deformed bodies. Their deformities began when they were young children. Their father was a successful military/police trainer.

    1. Please try again. We found a different location for the same video. Sorry you were inconvenienced. And thank you for your interest.

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