The Treasonous Hidden Agenda of Tax-exempt Foundations such as the Ford Foundation


Lets start our time machine. We turn the dial to the year 1954 and suddenly we find ourselves in the plush offices of the Ford Foundation in New York. We see two men seated at a large, mahogany desk, and they are talking. They cannot see or hear us. These men are Roland Gaither, who was the President of the Ford Foundation at that time, and Mr. Norman Dodd. Mr. Dodd was the newly appointed chief investigator of what was called the Congressional Committee to Investigate Tax Exempt Foundations. Check This Out and you will find that the Ford Foundation was one of them, so Dodd was there as part of his Congressional responsibilities.

It was about 1972 that I happened to meet Mr. Dodd in Virginia… We were very fortunate to capture his story in his own words.

So, back to our time machine. The year is 1954, and we hear Mr. Gaither say to Mr. Dodd, “Would you be interested in knowing what we do here at the Ford Foundation?” And, of course, Mr. Dodd says, “Yes! That’s exactly why I’m here. I would be very interested, sir.” Then, without any prodding at all, Gaither says,

“Mr. Dodd, we operate in response to directives*, the substance of which is that we shall use our grant making power to alter life in the United States so that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.”

Dodd almost falls off of his chair when he hears that. Then he says to Gaither, “Well, sir, you can do anything you please with your grant making powers, but don’t you think you have an obligation to make a disclosure to the American people? You enjoy tax exemption, which is an indirect way of saying you are subsidized by the taxpayer, so, why don’t you tell the Congress and the American people what you just told me?” And Gaither replies, “We would never dream of doing such a thing.”

*Whose directives? Now let us move forward to 2010 and hear Hillary’s verbal curtsy to the CFR:

Read more at CFR. Dodd’s complete testimony is available from It’s called “The Hidden Agenda” – in both video and audio formats. The printed transcript can be downloaded free of charge at

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