Who’s Who of the Elite – a reference book

Membership lists for Bilderbergs,

CFR, Skull & Bones, and Trilateral Commission

Compiled by Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr.

People are always talking about the “ruling elite” and our “unelected rulers” but seldom are names mentioned. Well, here they are. Drawing from membership lists of the world’s most powerful and, in some cases, secret organizations, the actual names emerge in alphabetical order, cross indexed for such groups as the Bilderbergs, the Council on Foreign Relations, Skull & Bones Society, and the Trilateral Commission. Brief descriptions of each organization are included. Version 9 has been updated to include the most current information available. It would take years of research to duplicate this amazing compendium. Large format, 349 pages.

Who’s Who of the Elite, V9

PB77X $35.00

Order here: Who’s Who of the Elite, V9.

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