The Men Behind The Curtain

Did you know that The Wizard of Oz was about the elite versus the common people, the Fed, and the silver versus gold debate? The “man behind the curtain” is actually a small group of very – nay, ultra – wealthy people. Their numbers are few and our numbers are many, but they have managed to survive and thrive at our expense due to secrecy and they have prevailed for over a century, managing to steal the wealth of our nation right under our noses. The Fed is not a government agency, but a private company. This article gives a clue of the bigger picture.


“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” —Mayer Rothschild.

For most people, facing the truth is a hard thing to do. It is so much easier to simply ignore the obvious than it is to make the necessary, hard decisions that are required once we know the truth.

Facing the truth takes courage. Dealing with the truth demands courage. But ignoring harsh reality is cowardly. As I often say, “Silence isn’t golden, it’s yellow.”

As any “therapist” will tell you, the first step to healing is admitting the truth about your condition. An alcoholic will never seek treatment until he admits he has a problem. A gambler will never seek help until he admits that he is hooked on gambling. And a woman can never receive healing and forgiveness for a past abortion until she admits that what she did was wrong.

So, too, America is in a mess because we will not admit the obvious. We have failed to deal with what we know to be true. As in ‘The Wizard of Oz’, there really are ‘men behind the curtain’…

Read much more at Dave Daubenmire — The Men Behind The Curtain.

2 thoughts on “The Men Behind The Curtain”

  1. i am not understanding something, why in the world when people write about the men behind the curtains We the innocent people writing these stories never write who is doing the crimes, it is either “they”, “them, etc, never WHO is doing the crimes, how can u write articles about the crime doers, but never WHO it is, i do not understand, if u know what is going on, & how it is being done why not the name the names, very strange to me, how can u get the people to wake up & do something about it if all u have is Barack, or Bush, yet u call them puppets, who are the puppet’s master, that is never written, it is like people are so scared to say who is really doing it, cause if u truely did not know u would not write the stories. That has got to stop so the people can see who is doing wrong. so let’s just say u don’t know who is doing the people wrong, it is good to say bankers, but do u know how many people work in a bank & are bankers and still don’t know about the crimes their bank is doing, you can’t arrest every banker. Just saying banker is cheating the people, for many innocent people are running banks & wondering themselves what is going on with this country & its funds. So heads up everyone, i will tell u who they are since people are so scared to mention. There are 31 men. 31 that is all that is causing havoc on billions of people, names like Bundy, Ford, Krupp, Taft, Gilman, Walton, that is 6 (the devils’ favorite #)of them that i will leave u with u need to figure out the rest, cause i am tired of telling the names & no one else sharing that info with others, but when u research u will find them all & will want to share the info only because u put your work in getting it to the people, if any one just tells u freely u hesitate, so do your homework. This group of people consider themselves the Rothchild clan. Rothchild is not just one family, but 31 men who work with the Rothchild family to keep this banker cheating the people going, people say they call themselves “red shield” but for this new order they use their children to carry out their legacy, so to them they are called the blood children. Children who were brought up on blood drinking. This group of bankers revived a dead group of missionary leaders & army called the Templars, who has changed their name to freemason, they follow all the rules of the previous Templars who have died out. They brought that back thru a banking system. Your templars are Disney, Rockerfellar etc, These are the people behind the curtains. so now u have something to work with, so when u want to expose these people, expose them correct, 31 families, & they call themselves the order. Do your research find the names, then write the articles, then people have something to go on & know just WHO they are fighting back. Good luck in your search!!!

    1. Thanks, De, for writing. If you click on the tab at the top of the page labeled “Illuminati”, then click on “Who are they” and then “Bloodlines”, you will find a lot of good information. Thanks for contributing what you know.

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